Department of handling, control and monitoring of appeals of individuals and legal entities

Department of handling, control and monitoring of appeals of individuals and legal entities

Idiev Gayrat Elmurodovich

Head of Department

Staff of department

Yuldasheva Manzura Muzafarovna
Chief Specialist

The Department of Internal Control and monitoring of Bukhara State Medical Institute was established in order to carry out the tasks established in the”national program of training of personnel”, to carry out the implementation of educational documents and methodological guidelines, as well as to control the timely implementation of orders and decisions of the Institute. The Department of” internal control and monitoring “carries out its activities in accordance with the regulation on implementation of”monitoring of implementation of the national program of internal selection and training of Higher Education ” approved by the order of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated 29 August 207, 2001, the Charter and the Charter of the The department carries out the monitoring of the implementation of the “national program of Personnel Training”at the Institute. The department oversees the implementation of educational, educational-methodical, spiritual, educational and Educational, Research, execution discipline, professional training and retraining, decisions of the jury and Scientific Council, orders of the Ministry, committee and BuxDTI, as well as normative documents in the field of Education. The Department of internal control and moritoring in its activities is directly subordinated to the rector of Bukhara State Medical Institute. With the letter dated April 12, 2021 of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education of the Republic of Uzbekistan OE48063325, the name of the department has been changed from the Department of “Internal Control and monitoring” to the Department of “work with appeals of individuals and legal entities, control and monitoring”.

The main tasks of the department

  • Monitoring of the implementation of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan on higher education, decrees, orders and other documents of the Ministry, as well as internal orders and decisions of the Institute at the Bukhara State Medical Institute;
  • – Organization and holding of internal elections of professors and teachers and teaching and auxiliary staff of the Institute;
  • – Control and monitoring of compliance with state educational standards and other normative documents, which determine the necessary requirements for the quality of training of personnel and the high level of training of students;
  • – Providing practical and methodological assistance to faculties, departments and other structural divisions on the issues of introduction of educational standards at the Institute;
  • – Preparation of analytical materials and proposals on the reform and improvement of the educational process to the management bodies of the Institute;
  • – Control over the execution of orders on the Institute;
  • – Providing practical and methodological assistance to the departments on elimination of shortcomings identified on the basis of the analysis of the educational process at the Institute;
  • – Participation in the implementation of rating methods of evaluation of the activities of professors and teachers;
  • – To present to the management of the institute specific issues on elimination and solution of shortcomings and problems;
  • – To check compliance with educational standards and educational normative documents in faculties and departments of the Institute;
  • – Participation in Scientific Council and management meetings of the Institute, faculties and other meetings;
  • To request the necessary documents from the faculties, departments and departments of the Institute for the performance of their service duties and to attract specialists related to the issue;
  • – Course project (works), protection of Graduation qualification works and master’s thesis, review of State attestation and all kinds of theoretical and practical training;
  • – To form groups with the involvement of qualified professors, teachers and employees of the Institute in the order established for the study of issues within the scope of their rights in places;
  • – To request and receive information necessary for consideration of Appeals of individuals and legal entities in accordance with the established procedure;
  • – in the absence of the applicant or other person, it is not possible to consider the appeal or to call it to hear the appeal;
  • – appeal to the court to compensate for the expenses incurred due to the verification of the appeal, in which knowingly false information is indicated.
  • – provide the applicant with the opportunity to get acquainted with documents, decisions and other materials relating to his rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, provided that they do not contain information that is a state secret or any other secret that is protected by law, without prejudice to the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, to the interests of society;
  • to inform the applicant immediately in written or electronic form after consideration of the results of the consideration and the application for the decision taken, with the exception of oral appeals received at the time of mass receptions and resolved on the spot;
  • – to explain the procedure for filing a complaint if a natural or legal person does not agree to this decision upon the decision taken on the application;
  • – control over the execution of the decision taken according to the results of consideration of the appeal;
  • – take immediate measures to eliminate illegal actions (inaction), identify within its competence the causes and conditions that lead to the violation of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities;
  • – elimination of persecution of an individual, his representative, members of his family, a legal entity, his representative and family members of a representative of a legal entity on the grounds of their appeals in the established procedure;
  • – if a physical or legal person has suffered material damage or moral damage as a result of a violation of his rights, freedoms and legitimate interests, take measures to compensate for material damage or to compensate moral damage in the manner prescribed by law.