Folk Medicine Center

Folk Medicine Center

Rakhmatova Sanobar Nizamovna

Head of the department

Department staff

Kodirova Shakhlo Salomova
associate professor
Kayumov Kholmurod Naimovich
associate professor
Tuksanova Zebiniso Izatulloevna
Zhumaev Bahodir Zainiddinovich
Jabbarova Miyassar Bobokulovna
Radzhabova Gulchehra Bahadyrovna
Salomova Nilufar Kakhhorovna
Hikmatova Medina Furkatovna
Boltayeva Mayram Mirali kizi
Radzhabova Dilorom Jalilovna

History of the department

To ensure the fulfillment of tasks In accordance with the Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
Dated October 12, 2018 “On measures to regulate the sphere of traditional medicine of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP 3968” and
On April 10, 2020 “On additional measures for the development of traditional medicine in the Republic of Uzbekistan”.
The Clinic of Integrative and Folk Medicine, which is part of the Department of Folk Medicine and Occupational Diseases, was opened at the Bukhara State Medical Institute. The clinic started its activity on October 21, 2020.

The clinic is designed for 20 beds and today more than 500 patients have been successfully treated here. On the basis of the clinic, patients are treated according to prescriptions recommended by Ibn Sino.

Main tasks

A Clinic of Integrative and Traditional Medicine has been opened on the basis of the Department of Folk Medicine and Occupational Diseases of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

The main tasks of this clinic are the provision of medical care aimed at improving the health of the population, the introduction of effective methods of traditional medicine into modern medical practice, in particular in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, including chronic ones.

Research work

The clinic conducts research on folk medicine, in particular, the use of pomegranate seed oil in the treatment of lung diseases complicated by fibrosis, prevention and treatment of oncological diseases at an early stage, the effectiveness of the use of pomegranate seed oil in erosive gastritis, colitis, enteritis.
Positive results of treatment of type II diabetes mellitus have been obtained

Hirudotherapy in our clinic is part of a comprehensive treatment that has helped more than one hundred patients. The effectiveness of this procedure has been tested for centuries, the main advantage of the technique is the fact that it does not just treat any disease, but has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole.

To date, research work is underway on the use of sikanjubin (acusomed) in the treatment of liver diseases.

The integrative therapy system is characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. It will be used to restore the body as a whole, without affecting a specific area.
Health safety;
Effective effects on the body;
Quick result from the manipulations performed;
Prevention of the development of life-threatening diseases.
The clinic of Integrative and Folk Medicine of the Bukhara State Medical Institute is actively developing in this direction.
We have implemented an innovative technology as an effective and safe way to restore the body without outside influence.

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