Mirzayev Umid Umarovich

Head of Department

Staff of the department

Abdullayeva Nargiza Nuriddinovna
deputy Chief Accountant
Axmedova Dilrabo Amonovna
Djabbarova Lola Toshevna
Giyosov Adil Kabilovich
Nasillayeva Nozima Shukrullayevna
Muxammedova Aziza Abduraxmanovna
Sattorova Ogloy Jamalovna
Saidova Malika Shodmonovna
Muxammadiyeva Shaxnoza Rustamovna
Muradova Zuxra Jumaturdiyevna
Zhurayev Khurshid Khudoyberdiyevich
Saidova Malika Shodmonovna

Information on the department and its activities

Department of Accountancy of Samarkand State Medical University conducts its activities on the basis of legislative provisions of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and resolutions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, resolutions of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, resolutions of the University Council and the order of the Rector, the Charter of the University.

The objectives of the department include the effective implementation of its activities, creating the necessary financial conditions for achieving high ranking performance, ensuring the rational and effective use of budgetary and extrabudgetary funds, in order to strengthen the material and technical base of the university, financing costs within the approved plan (estimate) and the limit, development of proposals to improve the current and future status of the university.

The composition of the accountancy department's staff

The staffing of the accountancy department is distributed as follows:

  • Chief accountant – is directly subordinated to rector of university and vice-rector on financial-economic work, in the management of accounting affairs on the issues of preparation and submission of reports, is subordinated to the chief accountant of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as he is responsible for the organization accounting, for timely submission of financial reports for implementation of tasks, planned in the normative-legal documents.
  • Deputy chief accountant – Accounting Department – Accounting responsible for execution of service and payback period of projects and contracts with legal entities and physical persons.
  • Payroll Department – calculates salaries for employees on the basis of timesheets, opens plastic cards for them through the bank, ensures transfer of accumulated personal pension contribution.
  • Scholarship Department – arranges for the calculation and payment of scholarships for students on the basis of an order.
  • Material Supplies Department – Keeps track of receipts and expenditures of the institute’s stock, participates in the writing off of the material supplies.
  • The Treasury Department deals with the distribution of salaries and cash equivalents.

Tasks of accounting staff

Main tasks of the chief accountant:

  • to carry out accounting on the basis of legal and regulatory documents, to organise accounting matters using modern technical means and information technology;
  • to control over the timely and correct execution of accounting documents and the lawful execution of operations;
  • systematically to supervise the expenditure of budgetary and extra-budgetary funds provided for in the estimate;
  • to organise timely accrual of salaries and equivalent payments to employees and stipends to students;
  • to carry out timely accounting of estimated processes between legal entities and natural persons;
  • to take part in stock-taking of cash, assets and other assets; – draw up and reflect the results of stock-taking in the accountancy report in a timely manner;
  • to organise explanatory work with materially responsible persons regarding their obligations;
  • to supervise the accounting of received material assets and their proper use;
  • to prepare and submit financial reports by the due dates;
  • to provide control over security of material assets and other assets;
  • to keep the accounting documents and accounts of the register;
  • to give written information to the Rector in case of illegal actions of higher-ranking officials;
  • to allocate to each employee his/her job duties (Chief Accountant);
  • to ensure that legal assignments are carried out.

The main duties of Deputy Chief Accountant M. A. Norov:

  • to provide reports to the chief accountant on the basis of a staffing schedule;
  • to keep records of service work performed and recoupment with legal and natural persons;
  • to give power of attorney to and supervises the goods clerk;
  • to keep account of the completion of invoices and draws up comparative authorisations;
  • to keep records of business contracts drawn up;
  • to keep account of the money allocated from the state budget for scientific projects and pension funds;
  • to draw up monthly and quarterly reports on inventories;
  • to make monthly entries in the general ledger for each account;
  • to prepare reports for the quarterly and annual reports of the university;
  • to execute the instructions given by the chief accountant.

Main duties of the 1st category accountant Z.F. Isrofilova:

  • to enter orders for the composition of staff and professor-teachers into the programme;
  • to ensure that teachers are paid on the basis of timesheets;
  • to accept applications for plastic cards and delivers them to the bank;
  • to provide information to the tax office on the payroll of part-time staff at the end of the year;
  • to make deductions from salaries on the basis of applications of employees.