Rector’s appeal

Rector’s appeal

Welcome to Bukhara State Medical Institute!

Bukhara State Medical institute was founded in 1990. The main goal of the institute is to train highly qualified medical personnel who can meet the requirements of modern world standards.

During its activity, the institute and the scientists who grew up in the institute have made a great contribution to the development of the field of medicine not only in our Republic, but also on a global scale.

The institute has a rich material and technical base. All conditions have been created for students to receive high-quality medical education, live and spend quality free time.

The stable position of the institute is determined by its development strategy. The path chosen by the institute in the traditions of high-quality medical education is the foundation for its standing among the leading higher education institutions training personnel in the healthcare system.

Rector of the Institute

Professor Shuhrat Jumayevich Teshayev