Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Jarilkasinova Gaukhar Januzakovna

Vice-rector for academic affairs

General information

G.Jarilkasinova works as a selfless, diligent and mature teacher, scientist and doctor. She has published 171 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 2 textbooks, 1 international scale monograph (Slovakia), 2 international electronic textbooks (Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Kazakhstan), 27 guidelines, 137 scientific articles and abstracts, of which 96 were published in authoritative foreign journals and received patents. Under her leadership, more than 50 students have won republican and international contests, including one Presidential Scholarship, 9 State Scholars “Ibn Sino”, 1 State Scholarship “Islam Karimov”, 4 Winners of the Association of Physicians of Uzbekistan, winners of 4 Republican Olympiads, 3 winners of International Students and Youth Festival and 26 winners of international conferences.

 Coordinator of the Erasmus plus Program ModeHed “Modernizing Health Education in Universities” (Leipzig, Germany) (2015-2018). Moscow, Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Bishkek, Tartu, Pisa, Florence, Leipzig, Prague, Koshitse, Beijing, Hanoi, India. In pursuance of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 20 April 2017 “On measures for further development of the higher education system”, more than 100 international agreements were signed with her work in 2017-2018. On March 12-19, 2018, she visited South Korea to attend a memorandum with 9 universities and clinics. In line with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated November 10, 1998 No. 2107 “On the State Program on Reforming the Healthcare System of the Republic of Uzbekistan” more than 1,000 general practice and retrained their doctors and improved their qualification to doctors working in more than 300 primary care units.

   In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of April 1, 2017 “On measures for further development of the private sector in the health sector” private healthcare institutions have organized a professional development course for doctors and categories and today has more than 200 specialized doctors of private health care facilities and has received nearly 50 categories. G.J. Jarilkasinova has held 3 international, 4 republican scientific-practical conferences, more than 10 conferences of student scientific society with international students. In addition, during the period of the post of Deputy Director of the Bukhara branch of the Tashkent State Dentistry Institute in 2015-2016, the Republican Scientific-Practical Conference “Actual Problems of Dentistry”, 2 conferences of the Branch Student Scientific Society with the participation of international students, conferencing. It is one of the organizers of the international conference “Modern state, problems and prospects of medical education” on April 12, 2018. From 2014, she is a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “New Day in Medicine”, the journal of the South-Ural State Medical University “Vestnik SMUS” in 2017 and the editorial board of the Kazakh National Women’s Pedagogical University “Vestnik” in 2018.

G. Jarilkasinova is also working efficiently with talented students. “Pedagogical Grants-2010, 2011, 2012”, organized by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan, has won the competition on the project “Methodological Support to Talented Students”, dedicated to talented students, in 2011-2012 academic year published a quarterly scientific popular magazine “Bukhara’s talented youth”. In 2009-2018 G.J.Jarilkasinova initiated distance learning courses for doctors (72 and 144 hours) at the Ural State Medical University, Southern Ural State University, Krasnoyarsk State Medical University in Russia.

Head of Bukhara group on cooperation in the field of “Electronic education system development: problems, perspective plans” between Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Alberta University of Canada and Bukhara State Medical Institute. With the help of its effective labor, modular rural health units in Bukhara region, including Romitan and Peshko, were transformed into rural health centers. G.Jarilkasinova takes a special place among colleagues and institute staff with her life experience, independent opinion and organizational structure. During her career she has been teaching many young teachers and medical staff.

In 2009 she was awarded the badge “Healthcare Worker”.

For many years of fruitful and honest work and for her commitment to service, the Honourable Certificate of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Honorary Certificate of the Association of Women of Uzbekistan was awarded with the badge “Olima”. Work experience is 28 years.

1990-1992 yy. – Astrakhan State Medical Institute student of the Russian Federation

1992-1996 yy. – Student of Bukhara State Medical Institute 1996-1998. – Clinical intern at the Department of Internal Medicine of Bukhara State Medical Institute

1998-1999 yy. – Assistant of Internal Medicine Department of Bukhara State Medical Institute

1999-2002 yy. – Post-graduate student of the faculty of Hospital and Hospital Therapy, Bukhara State Medical Institute

2003-2004 yy. – Trainer of General Practitioners’ Training Course at the Tashkent Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education

2004-2008 – Assistant of the Department of General Practitioners of Bukhara State Medical Institute

2009-2015 – Head of the Department of General Practitioners of Bukhara State Medical Institute

2015-2016 – Deputy Director for Educational and Scientific Affairs of Bukhara branch of the Tashkent State Dental Institute (Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Education)

2017 y.- current time – Dean of the faculty of medical education of the Bukhara State Medical Institute (the head of  international relations department)

From June 12, 2018, she is the vice-rector for academic and educational work