Dear medical students from all countries of the world!


Dear medical students from all countries of the world!

We invite you to Bukhara -an ancient city of Central Asia, the center of Bukhara region of the Republic of  Uzbekistan, the Motherland of the great scientist Avicenna world to participate in the Summer school of pediatricians of the Bukhara state medical institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, which will be held from 2nd to 8th of June in 2022y.

The school of pediatricians is organized on the basis of the Department of Pediatrics of Bukhara state medical institute and is designed to provide new theoretical knowledge about common childhood diseases under the WHO program and to teach practical skills in the management of sick children, to promote the development of clinical thinking, the ability to widely use modern methods of differential diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

Traditional forms of learning are complemented by innovation. The priority form of training is scientific-methodical and consulting-expert support of residents.

The course provides for the development of students ‘ abilities of practical application of knowledge in clinical practice of common diseases of the youngest generation, the rational use of instrumental and laboratory research methods with an emphasis on early diagnosis and prevention of complications, rational therapy and primary resuscitation.

The main objectives are:

1. Тo get acquainted with medical students around the world;

2. To acquaint medical students with different areas of clinical Pediatrics;

3.To discuss current limitations / complications faced by today’s;

4.To improve skills in the supervision of patients, prevention of severe complications leading to disability and mortality of children;

5.To teach additional knowledge, skills and abilities in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common diseases in children.

During the course, participants have the opportunity to acquire the following practical skills:

1.      Assess the condition of the newborn at birth;

2.      Provide intensive care for children with asphyxia;

3.      To comply with professional ethics and deontology;

4.      Provide first aid for hyperthermia in children;

5.      Perform oral rehydration in children with diarrhea;

6.      To carry out parenteral therapy with the calculation of infused fluid in diarrhea in children;

7.      Provide first aid for bronchial obstructive syndrome in children

8.      Assess and classify the condition of a sick child;

9.      Advise mother on home care.

The course will provide an opportunity to communicate with opinion leaders and other participants of the school.

Within the framework of the Summer school of pediatricians, a cultural educational program is provided, a visit to the see sights of Bukhara, architectural ansembles Poi-Kalyan, Lyabi-house, Gaukushon, Bahauddin Nakshband, Chor-Bakr, Toshmachit, Samanid mausoleum and others, which are the best examples of the creations of medieval architects of the XI—XVII centuries.

DateJune 2– 8, 2022
LocationBukhara state medical institute
Fee$ 250 which includes 3 meals a day, accommodation for the entire period of stay in the city of Bukhara
RequirementsMedical students, master’s degree students, clinical residents, PhD students
Course languageRussian, English
Number of participants40 students
Preliminary deadline for applicationMay 20, 2022
Contact phone numbers of the organizers+99891 242 15 65 Mukhamedova Shakhnoza Tolibova +99893 620 00 08 Ganieva Shakhzoda Shavkatovna

How to get involved in the school:

            It is necessary to submit an application for participation to the organizing committee by e-mail or each letter must contain an application file.

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