To whom and for how long are educational loans granted?


To whom and for how long are educational loans granted?

Students who are citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, accepted by banks to full-time higher education institutions on a fee-and-contract basis, can receive an educational loan for themselves, their parents or guardians.

Educational credits are available for students for up to 10 years for undergraduate enrollment and up to 5 years for postgraduate enrollment.

As for education loans issued by banks:

  • true orphans brought up in “Mehribonlik homes” and disabled people of groups I and II since childhood – interest-free rate (interest-free loan);
  • for the remaining categories of students, starting from January 1, 2020, market rates will be determined with the possibility of using a mechanism to compensate part of interest expenses at the expense of the Youth – Our Future fund.

To obtain an educational loan, the following documents are submitted to the bank:

payment agreement (contract);
a document on granting a loan repayment;
real orphans who have the right to receive a preferential educational loan, who are brought up in “Houses of Kindness”, persons with disabilities of groups I and II since childhood, persons from low-income families submit appropriate supporting documents.

Simultaneously with the submission of the above documents to the bank, the borrower personally presents his passport. The Bank has the right to take the necessary extracts and copies from the passport and other submitted documents.