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A donation drive was held at the institute


A donation drive was held at the institute

It has become a noble tradition to hold various events and charity campaigns throughout our country. Students and professors of the Bukhara State Medical Institute were not left out of these events.

According to the data, each country should have 30 or more donors per 1000 people to meet the blood demand of its population, and 10 donors per 1000 people to provide blood components. It should be 1 percent of the population.

In Uzbekistan, this number corresponds to 5 people. If this indicator increases to 10 people, the demand for blood of our people will be covered by 100%. If 50 people donate blood, not only will the demand be met, but by processing blood plasma, it is possible to prepare medicinal preparations such as albumin and immunoglobulin.

There is no doubt that mass advocacy events give great hope to patients in need of blood.

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