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A meeting of the rector and young people was held at the institute.

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A meeting of the rector and young people was held at the institute.

At the level of state policy, attention is being paid to the development of a mature generation, ensuring the rights and freedoms of young people, and realizing their hopes and dreams in our country.

“Rector and youth meeting” was organized today at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina.

he issue of educating boys and girls as fully mature, educated, potential persons, perfect human beings is being approached in a unique way, on the basis of modern methods, and their organizational and legal foundations are being systematically improved.

Researching new mechanisms based on the requirements of the times, regularly studying the best practices of foreign countries, and implementing methods suitable for the conditions of Uzbekistan and meeting our national characteristics are among the urgent tasks in matters related to youth.

For this purpose, at the “Rector and Youth Meeting” organized at the Bukhara State Medical Institute, urgent issues such as protection of youth from external influences, rights to education, implementation of state support for talented youth were discussed.

At the event, the rector of the institute, professor Shuhrat Teshaev, spoke about the opinions of our president about young people, about the opportunities that are being developed every day, about the changes in education and training in higher educational institutions, and called the students and young people to be active in the following issues.

It was recommended to discuss the problems and deficiencies existing in the faculties in mutually organized groups on social networks, to increase specific public control in this regard, and to cover the affairs of the faculties by the students studying in their blogs.

The rector also noted that the institute provides all opportunities for students to participate in the International Olympiads, and that active young people with grass in their hearts are supported in every way.

The students who participated in the meeting raised their questions and suggestions to the rector. In particular, Teshaev gave a detailed answer to the issues of establishing new directions for obtaining a master’s degree in Medical Biology in the new academic year, increasing academic mobility in cooperation with international higher education institutions, and taking the acquisition of foreign languages to a new level at the institute.

More than 250 active young people took part in the meeting between the Rector and the youth, and the suggestions and opinions of the youth were heard in the dialogue held in an open and sincere spirit, their problems and suggestions in education, sports, socio-economic and other fields were heard. tasks were given to those in charge.