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Rector of prestigious Polish university visited Bukhara State Medical Institute


Rector of prestigious Polish university visited Bukhara State Medical Institute

On July 28 of this year, representatives of the Polish University of Poland visited Bukhara State Medical Institute – Rector of the university Dr. Andrei Krinsky, Andrei Mirsky, Shimon Polak.

During the visit, discussions were held on promising issues of cooperation. As a result, an agreement was reached on two major projects. One of them was the transfer of medicinal plants in the field of folk medicine to the European market, as well as the creation of a Polish cultural center in Uzbekistan. Cooperation between these two higher education institutions has been carried out since 2018 on the basis of the ERASMUS+ program.

In June and July of this year, three professors of the Bukhara State Medical Institute visited Poland and exchanged experiences on the basis of the academic mobility program. Starting from the next academic year, students of the Institute will also go to study at the University of Poland on the basis of academic mobility.

As a result of the negotiations, agreements were reached, such as the organization of joint educational programs in the field of higher nursing and pharmacy (biotechnology), patenting of the processes of growing medicinal plants and herbs, the organization of various grant projects.

Also, the rector of the Polish University, Andrei Krinsky, awarded the rector of our institute, Shukhrat Teshaev, a high university medal for his contribution to cooperation between two higher educational institutions.

During the meeting, the guests visited the Center of Folk Medicine of the Institute, where they got acquainted with the necessary herbs, plants and medicines used in medicine. They also inspected the new campus building, the construction of which is under completion.

We can certainly see such actions as a result of the rapid reforms in the field of education in our country and the ongoing work to improve the rating of our institution.

For information, this educational institution began its activity in 1671 and was reorganized into a university in 1992. The university offers training in more than 40 areas. Students from about 30 countries study at this university.