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A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held at the institute

Institutda navbatdagi ilmiy kengash yig'ilishi bo'lib o'tdi2

A regular meeting of the Academic Council was held at the institute

By tradition, on the last days of each month, higher educational institutions hold a final month – that is, a meeting of the academic council.

Today, a regular meeting of the Academic Council was held at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina. The meeting of the Academic Council began with the awarding of students with academic degrees who actively participated in republican and international competitions and olympiads and won prizes.

It should be noted that November and December turned out to be successful not only for professors and teachers, but also for young students. It was noted that the leadership participated in several foreign trips, the university’s position in international rankings increased, a number of projects and programs were signed, and students of the institute also took part in prestigious international and domestic scientific Olympiads and became winners. high places.

At today’s meeting of the council, the winners of the Olympiads held in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Tashkent and Samarkand were awarded by the rector of the institute – the chairman of the academic council.

Moreover, the fact that our talented students took 4th place among 50 higher educational institutions at the republican stage of the intellectual competition “Zakovat” greatly contributed to improving the reputation of not only the institute, but also the youth of our region.

The agenda of the meeting included reports from leaders on the results of the fall semester, academic exchange of professors and students, and spiritual and moral education of students.
Scientific information was also heard during the meeting.