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Conferences continue at Bukhara State Medical Institute


Conferences continue at Bukhara State Medical Institute

Yesterday, the International Conference of Morphologists, which lasted two days, ended at the Institute.

Today, I-International seminar on “achievements of Ilizarov method in Traumatology and Orthopedics” in cooperation with a number of foreign and local medical institutions of Bukhara State Medical Institute started its work at the hotel “Turon Plaza” in our city.

Several scientists from Russia, Iran, Bangladesh take part in the seminar online and at the same time take part in it.

 In place of information: academician Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov was born in 1921 year.

The scientist was interested in the problem of restoring bone tissue after a fracture. And in 1951 year, during the trip to the patient in the cart, he thought about the method of combining bones, using the original design. He created the prototype of his apparatus from improvised materials.