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Education credit provided to women


Education credit provided to women

Today, the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to support the education of women in higher, secondary specialized and professional educational organizations” was adopted.

☑️According to it, it is established that women:

▪️ commercial banks allocate educational loans at a rate of 14 percent of the deposit funds placed by the Ministry of Finance;

The main part of the educational loan is returned within 7 years, starting from the seventh month after the end of the official period of study of the student;

The payment of interest on educational loans is carried out by paying them to commercial banks at the expense of the Educational Loans Financing Fund under the Ministry of Finance;

▪️ family members with a permanent source of income and other third parties can participate as co-borrowers in the registration and repayment of an educational loan;

Deposits and guarantees are not required for educational loans allocated to women from families included in the “Unified Register of Social Protection”.