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Ensuring the well-being of the population throughout our country.


Ensuring the well-being of the population throughout our country.

The next point of study of the activities of the neighborhoods was Karowulbazar. As previously reported, the activities of professors and teachers of the institute continue in order to ensure the well-being of the population of our entire country, reduce poverty and increase employment, as well as study other important issues.

Today’s destination is Karowulbazar, an area in the heart of the desert.

The measures provided for the implementation of the road map are being implemented on time. Rector of the Academy of Public Administration A. Bekmurodov, akim of the Korovulbazar district A. Ostonov, rector of the BDTI Sh. Zh. Teshaev, head of the Karshi branch of the DBA Zh. Eshtemirov, associate professor Tursunov K. S. and leaders and leaders of the sector in the Moscow State Law University to eliminate unemployment and promote employment. Practical suggestions and recommendations were made to address current social and economic problems such as ensuring security, reducing poverty, making the area a crime-free zone and providing employment to citizens returning from migration.

During the dialogue with the working group and the quarterly seven, shortcomings in the work of the quarter chairman and members of the quarter were identified and practical instructions were given for correcting them. Practical recommendations on how to take a more responsible approach to the tasks of microdistrict seven, increase the participation of residents of the microdistrict, reduce unemployment, work closely with the population and provide assistance to them, maintain contact with citizens who are in migration on a permanent basis, transfer the microdistrict from the red category to the green and instructions are given.