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“Hope of the country”


“Hope of the country”

On March 17 of this year, scholarship holders of the “El-Yurt Umid” Foundation, Bekzod Isomitdinov, Ph.D. student of “Queen Mary University of London” of Great Britain and Ulug’bek Yakshamurodov, Ph.D. student of “Osaka University” of Japan, where they worked, Bukhara State  organized a webinar with the team of the medical institute.

In the webinar, Bekzod Isomitdinov and Ulugbek Yakshamurodov shared their experience with the participants of the webinar, providing information about the Fund’s activities, competitions, admission processes of prestigious foreign higher education institutions.

The management of the institute, professors and teachers, master’s and bachelor’s students took part in the meeting and received answers to their questions.  In addition, it was agreed to hold such webinars on a regular basis.