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The director of the Republican Institute of Scientific Inspection came to the Bukhara State Medical Institute


The director of the Republican Institute of Scientific Inspection came to the Bukhara State Medical Institute

Recently, the Abu Ali Ibn Sina State Medical Institute of Bukhara, which was newly built and put into use, continues to be visited not only by guests from our country, but also from different parts of the world, representatives of organizations willing to cooperate, and heads of organizations.

 Yesterday, the institute was visited by Botir Tozhiev, Director of the Republican Center for Scientific and Practical Medicine of Specialized Epidemiology, Microbiology, Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.  During the visit, the guest got acquainted with the Institute’s Simulation Center, clinic and educational processes.  He invited everyone to the opening ceremony of the Bukhara branch of the newly reconstructed center.

During the dialogue, the leaders of the two institutions signed a memorandum of cooperation.  According to him, the institute and the scientific center will strengthen cooperation in a number of areas related to the field.  The parties are engaged in medical training in infectious and parasitic diseases, epidemiology, microbiology, virology, immunology, laboratory diagnostics, medical statistics and mathematical modeling (training of medical personnel and training of graduate students, clinical residents, master’s students on certain agreed topics).  agreed to cooperate in the field of education programs in these disciplines from 36 to 144 hours), conducting scientific research on the study of the pathology of infectious diseases (clinical and laboratory characteristics, diagnosis, effectiveness of therapy and airborne transmission, as well as  intestinal, opportunistic and intrauterine infections), development of mathematical diagnostic algorithms (neural networks) to improve the differential diagnosis of infectious diseases.

It was announced that the discussion of scientific, practical and educational issues within the jurisdiction of the parties, analysis of research data and consultations will be carried out free of charge.

 Also, it was noted that the center and the institute will conduct practical trainings in the relevant hospitals in the future and that the agreements signed between the two organizations will be followed in the future.

 At the end of the meeting, the rector of the institute, Shukhrat Teshayev, dressed the guest in a turban as an Uzbek compliment.