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The fight against drugs is the work of all of us

Giyohvandlikka qarshi kurashish – barchamizning ishimiz1

The fight against drugs is the work of all of us

At a time when huge changes are taking place in our country, young people are becoming increasingly active in the life of society and have their own place, some of our willful teenagers are all concerned about the scourge of drug addiction. After all, the more devastated the human body, the more it will harm the same society to an unprecedented degree. This evil, which is called the plague of the century, destroys families living in peace, orphans children, forcing them to live in need, poverty. The end will end up really sad.

We all know that the person who started to consume drugs, no matter what type, first creates a custom for him. But a year later, the drug becomes unfit for Labor.

Today, in the dialogue between the employees of the Regional Police Department and the students of the institute, the exchange of views on this topic was held. The students got answers to the questions they were interested in.