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The institute held a promotional event on the topic of combating foreign ideas


The institute held a promotional event on the topic of combating foreign ideas

Among the students of the Bukhara State Medical Institute within the framework of the project “Return to a healthy life of boys and girls who suffered from the ideas of separatism and fanaticism”, carried out in higher educational institutions, secondary schools and neighborhoods, Karomiddin Dzhamakhmatov and Sadulla Bobokhojaev, scientific staff of the Imam International Research Center Termizi took part in the action on the theme “Youth – against foreign ideas.” Yu. Salomov, chief expert of the Committee for Religious Affairs of the Bukhara Region. and the rector of the institute Sh.Zh. Teshaev.

Karomiddin Jamakhmatov, a researcher at the Imam Termizi International Research Center, spoke and stated that in the modern era of globalization, threats to our national and religious values, such as separatism, nationalism and radicalism, are increasing, threatening the well-being of life. and community safety. Such forces exert their influence differently in all countries.

He said that this situation threatens people’s lives every day and has caused conflicts and various disagreements between countries.

During the lecture, the 70th goal of paragraph 5 of the “Development Strategy of the New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026”, known as “Carrying out fair social policies, development of human capital”, defined by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, states: “Leading young people to violate moral principles that determine the issue of protection from the actions of terrorism and religious extremism, separatism, fundamentalism, violence and cruelty,” especially today, through the virtual world, terrorism and extremism, separatism, fundamentalism, violence, and He emphasized. that the spread of ideas of cruelty seemed to be a dangerous threat of that time.