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The new building of the Bukhara State Medical Institute has officially started its operation


The new building of the Bukhara State Medical Institute has officially started its operation

Today, the grand opening ceremony of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina was held in the old and modern city of Bukhara.  This institution will become a place for training mature personnel who will make a worthy contribution to medicine not only in our country, but also in the world.

rector Shukhrat Teshayev

At the grand opening ceremony, which turned into a big celebration, the greetings of Amrillo Inoyatov, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was read by the head of the regional health department Askar Bahronov.  The ceremony was attended by the deputy governor of the region, rectors and vice-rectors of medical higher education institutions located in different regions of the country, heads of medical institutions, and high representatives of foreign partner organizations.

Deputy Governor of Bukhara region Feruza Ibragimova

Rector of Tashkent Medical Academy Alisher Shodmonov spoke at the event.  he emphasized that it serves to strengthen, effectively organize the educational process and, as a result, prepare highly qualified medical personnel.  After the opening ceremony, a tour of the lovely campus was organized.  The guests highly appreciated the capabilities of the new building and the activities of the modern clinic and simulation center located here.  It should be noted that the tasks given by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his visit to Bukhara region in March 2017 for the construction of this building were scheduled.

Information: Bukhara State Medical Institute was established in 1990.  Currently, the institute has 8 faculties and 42 departments, 12 bachelor’s degrees and 24 master’s degrees.  2 new faculties, 3 departments, 1 bachelor’s and 6 master’s specializations are planned to be opened in the next academic year in order to train qualified specialists in the medical field of the national economy and to improve the quality of medical services provided to the population. 

In the afternoon, a meeting of the board of rectors of higher medical educational institutions of our country was held in the small meeting hall of the newly commissioned medical institute.

 It aims to modernize national medical and pharmaceutical education, introduce international educational standards in this field, conduct comprehensive scientific research on the current problems of public health protection, and also provide spiritual and moral education to young people.  issues of implementing consistent measures to create an effective system were discussed.  In the higher education institutions of our country, they discussed the issue of training mature personnel, making good use of the opportunities created by modern educational methods and educational programs of advanced foreign countries.

To make a concerted effort to train a qualified doctor, for this purpose, to increase the share of blocks of clinical and pre-clinical subjects in the curricula, to focus on clinical practice, and to achieve the quality of education that ensures the integration of theory and practice.  it was given.  Also, a number of leaders participated with their presentations.  At the meeting, the rectors of higher medical educational institutions of our country discussed issues of mutual cooperation in further improving the education system and agreed to establish regular cooperation on a number of important issues.