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The team of the Bukhara State Medical Institute takes part in a health promotion in Gijduvan


The team of the Bukhara State Medical Institute takes part in a health promotion in Gijduvan

In our country, medicine is getting closer to the people. The heads of republican specialized medical centers, scientists, qualified doctors address patients living in remote and remote areas. Such events are organized in Bukhara. A vivid confirmation of this is the medical events organized these days in the region within the framework of visiting receptions of the Ministry of Health.
During in-depth medical examinations as part of the wellness campaign conducted by the Ministry of Health in the Bukhara region, more than 150 experienced doctors from the capital conduct research on the principle of “honadonbai”, which contributes to the formation of a balance of diseases in the field.

Authoritative professors, teachers and qualified doctors of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino help in this.

Thus, a list of patients classified by severity is formed in the context of regions. Categories in need of high-tech practice, inpatient treatment are recommended for surgery at the expense of state medical insurance and relevant funds.

During the medical examination, which began in the early morning in Gijduvan district, more than 600 citizens gave medical recommendations and conclusions. The process was monitored by the khokim of the district Sherzod Ashurov, the rector of Bukhstu, the deputy of the regional Kengash of People’s deputies Shukhrat Teshaev, the leadership of the regional SSB.

ECG, ultrasound, mammographic examinations are carried out on equipped mobile devices.

Explanatory work is also underway on the tasks and instructions announced by the President aimed at preventing diseases of the first level of health care, their early detection and prevention of complications.
Most importantly, experts explain to the population that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, as well as physical activity are the main condition for the prevention of any diseases, including endocrine.