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Today is “all world labor protection day”


Today is “all world labor protection day”

Today in the courtyard of Bukhara State Medical Institute was held a dialogue event dedicated to “28 April-Butunjahon labor protection day”with the participation of the leadership of the Institute, professors and teachers, students.

In this event, the FVV staff provided information on the issues of raising the attention of employers and employees to prevent the occurrence of accidents and other types of damage to the health of employees in connection with labor activity, strengthening social partnership in the conduct of state and public control over the observance of existing normative-legal acts and, having studied the

Rector of the Institute Sh.Teshaev expressed his views on the rules of technical security not only in the process of work, but also in the course of life, being attentive to various aspects of life, excellent study of the processes of providing first medical care.