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Today is June 1 – International Children’s Day


Today is June 1 – International Children’s Day

This holiday was established in Geneva in 1925 at the World Conference on the Welfare of Children, and 25 years later it has been celebrated as a holiday since 1950.

In our country, this holiday is celebrated annually with joy in the heart. Children with their smiles awaken interest in life and life in people’s hearts. A child with kindness and love in his eyes is an example of a swallow flying freely in a clear sky. The sacred duty of every state, every family, every parent is to take care of children, who are the continuers of our lives, the masters of our future, and to educate them in all respects in adulthood.

Today, the courtyard of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina was filled with joy, fun and laughter of the children and grandchildren of the workforce, professors and teachers.

The vice-rector of the institute, Zubaida Bakhranova, congratulated the children on this holiday and wished them health and a happy childhood.

The holiday program included sports competitions and songs for children at the sports complexes of various institutes. The management of the institute also presented souvenirs to all participants of the holiday.