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University of South Korea


University of South Korea

The Bukhara State Medical Institute has established cooperation with another International University in South Korea. At present, the Institute, which is the leader in the field of cooperation with international higher education institutions, continues to work with memoranda and agreements signed with international organizations.

On may 6 this year, representatives of the Daegu Haany University of South Korea met with professor Lee Bong Hyo and rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute Shuhrat Teshaev, professor Song Jichung, professor Kim Mijeong. During the meeting, a memorandum of cooperation was signed.

During the meeting, the guests expressed sincere gratitude for the reception and cooperation with the rector of the Institute and invited to South Korea.

According to the agreement, the Bukhara State Medical Institute in cooperation with Degu University will organize the exchange of students and professors and the direction of education on the basis of a joint program of cooperation in the direction of folk medicine in the future.