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Young people – we will work hard for the unique wealth of the new Uzbekistan or the health of our people!

Yoshlar — Yangi O‘zbekistonning betakror boyligi yoxud xalqimiz salomatligi yo‘lida kamarbastamiz 1

Young people – we will work hard for the unique wealth of the new Uzbekistan or the health of our people!

“Never forget, you are the founders of the New Uzbekistan and the Third Renaissance, where people live freely, freely and abundantly!”


The declaration of 2024 by the leader of our country as the “Year of supporting youth and business” makes every citizen of our country, especially young people, full of boundless joy and confidence in the future. Today, young people from different regions of the world live with passion for the young people of Uzbekistan. The reason for this is that during the economic crisis in various regions and the terrible threats of war, the youth of Uzbekistan – if they had peace and a place to realize all their desires, they would say, “I want you, I will help you”, “What can I do for you to rise?” They are the lucky children of the state without repetition.

Reforms are for the youth…

In recent years, the issue of youth in our country has risen from the practical aspect to the level of state policy. A vivid example of this is the Law signed by the Honorable Shavkat Mirziyoyev, that is, the adoption of the Law “On State Policy on Youth”, the General Dictionary – the introduction of separate sections and articles on youth issues in the Constitution based on the referendum on April 30, 2023, and defining the state policy on youth in the country and specific goals. hundreds of Decrees, Decisions, regulatory bases are being created. As a result of the reforms of the past seven years, young people who think in a new way about the wise use of the opportunities and conditions created for the youth of our country. contingent was formed.

Today, thanks to the doors opened to young people, students in all fields, especially in the higher education system, are entering the most prestigious universities in different regions of the world. He is an example to the world by implementing his inventions and speaks three to ten foreign languages. In the last six-seven years, he has become a young deputy minister, a young governor, a young businessman, a young leader and a new multi-tasker. New working mechanisms that find solutions to the aspirations and problems of young people – “Youth Affairs Agency”, “Youth Office”, “Youth Balance”, “Yoshlar Kelajagimiz” fund give new life to every age.

Today, the Head of State has a unique institution in the world – 9,500 assistant governors in the neighborhood, and especially the youth leader has an incomparable role, and they listen to the problems of the neighborhood population and youth. On the basis of this new system, the problems of thousands and thousands of young men and women who have been included in the “Youth Register” have been solved. In 2023 alone, 396,000 young people in need of special attention from the state were connected to official leaders, and 331,000 of them were helped to find their place in life through individual work with them. And as a result, employment of 94 thousand people was ensured, 56 thousand went to professions, it was a bright example that every young person in our community is under the protection and support of the state. Last year alone, the number of types of assistance provided through the “Youth Book” reached 30, and 444 billion soums of assistance was provided to 338,000 young men and women on the recommendation of youth leaders, and as a result, students’ contract fees were paid, foreign languages and modern professions were covered, and the unemployed were reimbursed. The provision of labor tools to the youth became the ground for solving the social problems of millions of young people in our society.

Higher education and youth…

As a result of the personal initiatives and efforts of the head of our state, extensive reforms have been implemented in the field of higher education, as in all other fields, and the level of comprehensive and quality education of young people has increased several times. In the past seven years, the level of attracting young people to higher education has increased from 9% to 40%. At the same time, completely new facilities were created for accepting young people as students and providing them with quality education. For example, once on “August 1” thousands of young people were invited to take the test at the same time, many difficulties and inconveniences of the applicants and their parents and relatives who followed them were eliminated. On the other hand, under the idea of “Human Dignity”, from August 1 to August 20, tests are held in two parts of the day in cool, comfortable buildings and areas with special facilities, in the summer. And for the observing parents and their relatives, who were seated in the shade-cool places, it was possible to see their child’s condition online through big screens. Also, modern buildings, classrooms, convenient and spacious buildings and facilities for meaningful spending of free time have been built and put into use. A number of conveniences have also been created for the social problems of students in paying contract payments. For example, preferential subsidies are allocated and contract payments for female students studying at the master’s level are paid by the state. In general, more than 30 types of privileges and convenient services are in place for today’s youth of Uzbekistan to get quality education and find their place in society.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the opportunities created by the state for young people to get quality education and to realize their potential, today the results of young people in our country and in the world are endless. These achievements can be cited only by the example of the team and youth of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.

First of all, the conditions created in the modern campus of the Abu Ali Ibn Sina Bukhara State Medical Institute, which was newly built in the center of our region, including auditoriums, special classrooms, laboratories, simulation center, information resource center, and students ‘residences, are impressive. .

Currently, Oliygoh is in the leading position among the higher educational institutions of our country in terms of cooperation with international higher educational institutions. Currently, the Institute is working with signed memorandums and contracts with about 50 international organizations.

Previously, this educational center was located in the buildings built in the 50s and 60s of the last century. He didn’t even have his own clinic. As part of the investment program, a new complex for the institute was built on the outskirts of the city and put into use in May of this year.

The complex includes a 900-seat educational building, a 200-seat clinic, a simulation training center, a vivarium, a sports hall, 1,200-seat student dormitories, a kitchen, and is located according to world standards. A branch of the Institute of Immunology and Human Genomics of the Academy of Sciences was also established.

Today, the institute is training specialists in 9 areas, such as medicine, pediatrics, stomatology, advanced nursing, medical pedagogy, medical prophylaxis, medical biology, folk medicine, pharmacy. They are taught by 568 professors.

  • This is a university suitable for New Uzbekistan. Now he should serve our people with his knowledge. Our country has a Medical Academy, specialized scientific centers, regional institutes. How does this scientific ability reach the people? For this, it is necessary to unite them into regions, to create a healthy medical and social environment. Depending on the reduction of diseases in the responsible neighborhood, it is possible to give an allowance to specialists. Figuratively speaking, from the point of view of prevention, it is necessary to have an “umbrella” over 36 million people, said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, who got acquainted with the new building of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sino during his visit to our region on August 11, 2023. There, the head of our state emphasized the importance of strengthening the scientific activity of the higher education institution, as well as the importance of organizing phytobars in the neighborhoods, promoting the importance of medicinal herbs, and creating a pharmaceutical industry cluster in Bukhara in order to protect the health of the population.

In addition, the fact that the Bukhara State Medical Institute took 4th place in the final overall rating of the intellectual olympiad among students of more than 50 higher educational institutions of the republic at the end of 2023 is an indication of the potential of our young specialists .

It is appropriate to conclude that today’s youth, due to their happiness, fully believe in tomorrow, are progressive, proactive and ambitious in everything.

Such increases are always suitable for the new Uzbekistan. Officials of higher education institutions in every field, in particular, educate young people – cherishing our country in every way, appreciating the gift of peace, being grateful for the created conditions and great opportunities, the noble goals of “I will mobilize all my strength in the way of the rise and development of my country”. We have taken it as a permanent task to educate young people who are able to live with, skilled, competitive, and have spiritual immunity. And of course, we will continue to work with young people in a purposeful, efficient and effective way.

Shuhrat Teshayev,
Rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, professor