Department of nuclear medicine and medical radiology

Department of nuclear medicine and medical radiology

Jonibekov Jasurbek Jonibekovich

Head of the Department

Staff of the department

Xudoyberdiev Dilshod Karimovich
associate professor , phd
Sokhibova Ziyoda Rakhmonovna
associate professor , phd
Navruzov Rustam Rashidovich
associate professor , phd
Akhmedov Farhod Khakimovich
Akhmadova Maftuna Amin Qizi
Jumayeva Malokhat Mustakimovna
Nasriddinov Bexruz Zayniyevich
Abdulkhakhimov Sherzod Alisherovich
Nurmetova Dilnoza Farkhodovna
Khosimov Umidjon Ravshanovich
Eshpulatov Elbek Yarashevich

History of the department

By order of the Bukhara Medical Institute No. 4- / 165 dated February 25, 1993, on the basis of the Bukhara Regional Oncological Dispensary An oncological department was created. The oncology course was founded by the head physician of the dispensary, Mamedov Sunnat Niyazovich.

Appointed as the course director, Ph.D. XN Abdullaev. From September 1993 to September 1996, the course “Oncology” was part of the department of hospital surgery. In 1996, the course of oncology and roentgenoradiology was combined, and associate professor Yarmukhammedova D.S. was appointed the head of the department.

From September 1, 1999 to 2012, the department was renamed the Department of Oncology and X-ray Radiology and was headed by Ph.D. associate professor Abdullaev Kh.N.

From 2012 to March 2015 – appointed head of the department, Ph.D. Mamedov U.S. From March 2015 to September 2016 G.N. Saidov assigned. From September 2016 to September 2017, the course of oncology and medical radiology was held at the Department of Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Oncology and Radiology. From September 2017 to September 2019, the course of oncology and radiology was held as part of the Department of Otolaryngology, Oncology and Ophthalmology.

In August 2019, the department was renamed the Department of Oncology and Medical Radiology and was headed by Ph.D. Mamedov U.S. Today the department employs 18 employees.

Mamedov Sunnat Niyazovich
Ph.D. associate professor Abdullaev Kh.N.
Ph.D. Abdullaev Kh.N. during wound treatment 1997
Ph.D. Abdullaev Kh.N. examination of the patient 1997

Spiritual and educational work of the department

Leisure of students is carried out in cultural work. One of the main activities of the department is the formation of high moral values ​​among students, fostering interest in professional activities, the need for a healthy lifestyle, attracting students to cultural events of the institute. To carry out these tasks, the department has a curatorial council, the activities of which are carried out according to the approved plan. A curator is assigned to each group of the department, who is appointed from among experienced teachers. Under the guidance of curators, the students of the department actively participate in public events, organize cultural leisure, visit historical monuments and sights of Bukhara, theaters and museums.

Spiritual and educational work is carried out on the basis of an approved plan, according to which various events are held dedicated to historical dates, national holidays, sports competitions, etc. Various meetings are held together with internal affairs bodies, law enforcement agencies, centers of spirituality and other partner organizations.

The head of the department and the responsible teacher for spiritual and educational work regularly meet with the curators of the groups and students. every Thursday, classes begin with an introduction to the information hour.

High-tech equipment

It is no exaggeration to say that the period from the founding of the department to the present day is the glorious history of our department. During this period, the department has made a worthy contribution to the moral and professional development of thousands of medical workers and continues to fulfill this responsible task in the spirit of the times.

The department has state-of-the-art high-tech equipment: MSCT (SIEMENS), 3D terabalt external beam therapy device and FLEXITRON internal radiation therapy brachytherapy device, which are used to achieve effective results in cancer treatment.


Open lesson

Together with the students of the 319th group, an open lesson was held on the topic “Diagnosis of organs of the lung and thoracic cavity”.

Scientific-practical conference “Modern aspects of innovations in radiology. Present and Future»