Department of Surgical Diseases and Intensive Care

Department of Surgical Diseases and Intensive Care

Urakov Shukhrat Tukhtaevich

Head of the Department

Staff of the department

Abdurakhmonov Mamur Mustafoevich
Abdumazhidov Khamidullo Amanullaevich
Abidov Ўtkir Oktamovich
Makhmanazarov Orifzhon Mirzonazar ogli

History of the department

Murodov Tuimurod Rakhmonovich Ph.D. 1994-1998

Omirov Rauf Yuldashevich professor 1998-2005

The department was founded in 1994. Candidate of medical sciences was appointed head of the department. Murodov T.R. Assistants of the department Rakhmatov Yu.K., Bozorov E., Saidov G.S., Ostonov O.R., Sayfullaev N.Yu., Davlatov S., Saidov S.S., Sharipova M.M. In accordance with order No. 4173 of 1997, the head of the department was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Omirov Rauf Yuldashevich ..

 Associate Professor of the Department, Ph.D. Sh.T. Urokov, assistants, Candidate of Medical Sciences Murodov T.R., Ph.D. Saidov S.S., Ph.D. Abdurakhmanov M.M. and postgraduate student of the department Abidov U.O. Lectures, scientific works of Professor Omirov Rauf Yuldashevich will forever remain in the hearts of students and colleagues. He headed the department until 2005 and was forced to leave his job and research for health reasons. Over the years, the staff of the department and the department have strengthened their experimental and pedagogical potential. Professor Omirov R.Yu. performed numerous, complex operations, saving the lives of patients. 4 candidate and 1 doctoral dissertations were successfully defended under his supervision.   

Since 2005, the head of the department is Doctor of Medical Sciences. Urakov Shukhrat Tukhtaevich.

In 2007, the Department of Surgical Diseases 6-7 courses was merged with the Department of Pediatric Surgery. From 2015-2016 to 2016-2017 academic year, the department included the course “Oncology, Radiology and Therapy”. The department was called Surgical Diseases, Pediatric Surgery, Oncology, Radiation Diagnostics and Therapy.

The department has been renamed into Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation since 2017. The department “Surgical diseases and resuscitation” is located in the Bukhara branch of the RSCEMP and cooperates with such departments as: emergency room, shock hall, I-II surgical departments, general resuscitation, neuroresuscitation, cardiotherapeutic and children’s resuscitation.

The staff of the department are: the head of the department, Dr. med. Urokov Sh.T., professor of the department, d.m.s. Abdurakhmanov M.M., Associate Professor of the Department, Ph.D. Eshonov O.Sh., Ph.D. Abidov U.O., Ph.D. Abdurakhmanov Sh.M., Ph.D. Chuliev A.T., PhD Abdurakhmanov Z.M., assistant Boltaev E.B., doctoral student Pulatova Sh.Kh., assistant Rizayeva M.Zh., assistant Isomitdinov B.Sh., assistant Hayitov D.Kh., assistant Kayimov M.T.

Education at the department is carried out in rooms equipped with high-tech educational equipment. Each classroom has a computer and modern technology, all the necessary conditions for using the electronic library and modules. In addition, the lecture hall has a Smart board, multimedia learning projector, scanner, camera and camcorder that can be used to create handouts to further enhance the practice sessions. More than 100 lectures recorded on CD with 3D DVDs with practical illustration and operations.

The staff of the department regularly participate in scientific, practical conferences and forums in the republic and in the world. The site, where the department has its own site, constantly publishes news about the scientific and educational process. Currently, the Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation is one of the leading departments of the Institute.

The main goal of the department is to provide highly qualified doctors in the Bukhara region and neighboring regions. Currently, the department is located in the Bukhara branch of the Republican Scientific Center for Emergency Medical Aid. 14 undergraduates and 30 clinical residents study at the department.

Therapeutic work

Examination of the patient by the professor of the Karaganda Medical University Dmitry Matyushko

Joint examination of the professors at the RSCEMP Bukhara branch of cardiotherapeutic resuscitation.

Academic work

An employee of the department Rizaeva Malika Jamolovna during a clinical lesson with students.

Achievements of the department

The ceremony of awarding the assistant of the department Rizaeva Malika Jamolovna with the medal “Mehr Sakhovat”, Bukhara 2020

The ceremony of awarding the scholarship to the assistant of the department   Isomiddinov Bekzod Shavkatovich “El Yurt Umidi Jamgarmasi”. Tashkent 2021

Scientific activity of the department

  1. Optimization of treatment tactics for abdominal surgery pathologies with diffuse liver damage;
  2. Use of modern methods of treatment of vascular diseases in emergency cases;
  3. Improvement of therapeutic tactics for pathologies of the biliary tract;
  4. Application of microsurgical methods for damage to peripheral nerves.
  5. Optimization of treatment methods for cardiogenic shock.
  6. Development of optimal treatments for cardiac arrhythmias.
  7. Improving respiratory therapy in the treatment of coronavirus infection COVID-19.
  8. Improving the treatment of brain tumors.
  9. Improvement of early diagnosis and treatment of microcirculation disorders in various types of shock.

Long-term plans

  •  Increasing the scientific potential of the department;

  • Further expansion of educational, scientific and practical cooperation with foreign countries.

  • Enrichment of the material and technical base of the department with new modern equipment and educational and laboratory equipment.

Spiritual and educational work

Colleagues of the Department of Surgical Diseases and Reanimation

Bukhara State Medical Institute and regional events

08/26/2021 at the department and a plan was developed for working with youth, a spiritual and educational plan in the “Teacher and student” system

On September 17, a cycling marathon under the slogan “On the way to a healthy life” was held at the central “Ko’hna va Boqiy Bukhara“.

30.09.2021 year. October 1 – Teacher‘s Day, festive celebrations for students of group 509 were organized on the theme “We appreciate teachers.”

18.11.2021, a round table was held on the topic “Flag is the power of the unity of the people”

New year 2021

7.05.2022 year – в Bukhara region in connection with the Day of memory and honor on May 9 and the 76th anniversary of the victory over the Second World War and fascism began activities to help people who joined the great victory.

Dedicated to the memory of surgeon Borisova Nadezhda Petrovna

Activities aimed at the widespread implementation of 5 important initiatives put forward by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

On December 22, at the Bukhara State Medical Institute at the Faculty of International Turkey, students of the 3rd year of anesthesiology at the Kudina Yulia Qualification School completed an anesthesiology course, which took place in 11 polyclinics.

“Young surgeons and resuscitators”

 Attention to literature – attention to spirituality, to the future “.


9.12.2021year department “Surgical diseases and resuscitation” head of the department dsc. Urakov Sh.T., Ph.D. Abidov U.O., ass. Boltaev E.B., Isomiddinov B.Sh., Rizaeva M.Zh. holding a seminar on the topic “Corruption “.

December 9 International Day Against Corruption

26.05.2022year-faculty of medical pedagogy and VVD. PhD Radzhabova G.X, Dean of Treatment Professor Safoev B.B., Deputy Dean Ph.D. Timur Shavkatovich and senior teacher Karomat Shoyimovich, as well as the department of internal affairs was invited.

22.01.2022year 75th anniversary of Abdurakhmanova M. M. Professor Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation”

The 70th anniversary of the Associate Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation Murodova T.R

The 50th anniversary of the Associate Professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases and Resuscitation Abdurakhmanov Sh.M.

25.02.2022 year-Vice-Rector for Youth Affairs of the Bukhara State Medical Institute Zubaida Saidovna was awarded the badge “Excellent worker in spiritual and educational work” of the National Guard of Uzbekistan.

03.06.2022 year in the house of Hafiz of Uzbekistan, Academician Avazkhan Radjabov, an evening was held in memory of the teacher-artist Rakhmatjon Kurbanov.

Activities held in the student residence

13.10.2021г as part of the head of the department, Dsc Urakov Sh.T., deputy dean of the educational department Rakhimov Rashid Rakhimovich, assistants of the department Rizaeva M.Zh. and Khayitov D.X. an event was organized for students of BukhGosMI on the topic “Influence and changes in ecology on human health”.

23.12.2021-year this day at the intellectual game “Zakovat” within the framework of the youth festival in the city of Bukhara, the “Hippocrates” team of the Bukhara State Medical Institute took the honorable 1st place.

03.02.2022- healthy lifestyle

16.02.2022 attitude of young people to national values “

2.04.2022 —  creative contest” palette of colors – Motherland “.

2.03.2022г– “ Sports bring us together “

12.06.2022- cycling marathon