Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery, Urology

Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery, Urology

Khamdamov Bakhtiyor Zarifovich

Head of the Department

Сотрудники кафедры

Akhmedov Rakhmad Makhmudovich
Komilov Safar Ortiqovich
associate professor
Mirkhodjaev Islom Asrorovich
associate professor
Gaziyev Karim Umarovich
associate professor
Muazzamov Bobir Bakhodirovich
associate professor
Davlatov Salim Sulaymonovich
associate professor
Tursunov Shermukhammadkhodja Lutfullaevich
Norov Feruz Khaqberdiyevich
Hikmatov Jasur Safarovich
Khamdamov Ilkhom Bakhtiyorovich
Akhrorova Laylo Barnoyevna
Azimov Sardor Ilhkhomovich
Yodgorov Ibrokhim Fakhriddinovich
Gulyamov Mirfayz Khalilovich
Rakhimov Farrukh Farkhodovich
Khusenova Shamsiya Khaydarovna

History of the department

The Department of Hospital Surgery was established in 1993 on the basis of the Bukhara Regional Clinical Hospital.

In 1997, with the addition of the departments of Hospital and Faculty Surgery, it was renamed the Department of “Surgical Diseases”.

From the day of the department’s formation until 2021, the head of the department was Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Akhmedov Rakhmat Makhmudovich.

doctor of medical sciences, professor Akhmedov Rakhmat Makhmudovich (head of the department 1993-2021), honorary member of the Albert Schweitzer international medical academy

Over the past time, the following have worked at the department: Ph.D. S.R.Amirov, B.Y.Makliev, J.M.Safarov, M.I.Amonov, M.I.Atavullaev, I.G.Malkiev, S.H.Khaetov, L.M.Nazhmiddinov, T.A.Askarov.

In 2005, the department joined the courses of Anesthesiology and resuscitation, as well as Urology, where Ph.D., Associate Professor Z.R.Zikrillaev, Ph.D., Associate Professor S.S.Gaffarov, Ph.D., Associate Professor O.S.Eshonov worked. 

Since the organization of the department until today, 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 12 assistants and 5 laboratory assistants have worked at the department.

Since the 2017-2018 academic year, the department has been renamed “Faculty and Hospital Surgery, Urology”, in connection with the addition of the course of Anesthesiology and resuscitation to another department. 

Scientific directions of the department:

1) Study of the features of the course and treatment of various surgical diseases in adverse environmental conditions.

2) Introduction of new methods and improvement of treatment of diabetic foot syndrome.

3) Introduction of modern innovative methods of treatment of surgical diseases of the chest, abdominal cavity and thyroid gland.

Over the past time, under the guidance of Professor R.M.Akhmedov, 9 PhD theses (Sh.Kh.Khaetov, Zh.M.Safarov, Z.T.Saidakhmedova, A.K.Abdullaev, B.Z.Hamdamov, K.U.Gaziev, U.B.Ochilov, T.S.Komilov, U.B.Sharipov, B.B.Muazzamov) and 2 doctoral theses (B.B.Safoev, B.Z.Hamdamov) have been successfully defended.

         Over the past 5 years, the staff of the department has published 4 textbooks, more than 50 textbooks, 15 monographs. To date, over 200 scientific articles have been published at the department and 7 patents have been obtained.           

In the course of lectures, 16 educational films and 28 multimedia manuals are used. More than 50% of practical classes are conducted using interactive methods.

The staff of the department actively participates with reports in International, republican and regional scientific and practical events, as well as joint actions with the Regional Health Department, provide practical assistance in the primary health care of district medical associations.

     Since 2021, the Department of “Faculty and Hospital Surgery, Urology” is headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Bakhtiyor Zarifovich Hamdamov.

Spiritual and educational work

Over the years of independent development Uzbekistan has changed people’s thinking and worldview. A new generation has emerged that sees its vision in strengthening democratic values, liberalizing economic and political life and renewing society.

Today, the teaching staff of the department is working on

the main task – to make sure that our younger generation is enriched with knowledge, to raise their morale, to help them gain self-confidence and the opportunity to change their lives for the better.

Spiritual and educational work in dormitories is also a constant focus of the department. All conditions for independent rest and work have been created for students living in the hostel. The hostel has a library and a reading room, a room of spirituality and enlightenment, a sports club. The purpose of students’ leisure in dormitories is to organize reading evenings in the reading room, meetings in the spiritual and educational room, round tables, various competitions in the sports club.