Department of Surgical Dentistry

Department of Surgical Dentistry

Rakhimov Zakir Kayumovich

Head of the Department

Staff of the department

Kamalova Mehriniso Kilichevna
Assistant Professor
Jumaev Laziz Rajabovich
Assistant Professor
Yadgarova Gulnora Sadritdinovna
Yadgarova Gulnara Sadriddinovna
Assistant Professor
Safarova Mashxura Suleymanovna
Safarova Mashkhura Suleymanovna
Shodiev Muhammad Shodmonovich
Razzakov Qiyomiddin razzakovich
Razzakov Kiyom Razzakovich
Xamitova Firuza Artikovna
Khamitova Firuza Artikovna
Pulatova Shahzoda Karimovna
Kambarova Shakhnoza Alikhuseynovna
Mirzaeva Firuza Avazovna
Mirzaeva Firuza Avazovna
Khamraev Sardor Zhumamuradovich
Makhmudov Jakhongir Karimovich

History of the department

Activities of Surgical Dentistry Departament of Bukhara State Medical Institute had begun in 1991 as a composition of Otorhinolaryngology in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery of the Regional Clinical Hospital. The department of Otorhinolaryngology was headed by professor A.I. Muminov, MD. In 1992, the dental faculty was opened at the institute, after that the department began to work independently, highly skillful maxillofacial surgeon M.Sh.Shadiyev(1992-2008) was appointed as the head of the departament. Department employees had learnt from him not only speciality, but also his attitute to patients.

From 2008 to 2013, the department was headed by Ph.D. Associate Professor A.Sh. Inoyatov, who defended his thesis on improving surgical methods of treating abscesses and phlegmon of the maxillofacial region in 2006  In 2016 A.Sh. Inoyatov defended his doctoral dissertation on the prevention of the development of congenital crevices of the upper lip and palate. A.Sh. Inoyatov has very high organizational abilities; he is a competent specialist in the field of his activities. he defended his scientific dissertation, Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Sciences S.G. In 2019. Currently, under the supervision of A.Sh. Inoyatov, 2 candidates and 2 masters’ dissertations are being prepared for defense.

Ds, associate Professor Kamalova M. K., who in 2004-2009 – a student of the Bukhara state medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, in 2009-2011-a clinical resident of the Bukhara state medical Institute named after Abu Ali Ibn Sina, specialty “Pediatric dentistry”.In 2011-2013, he was a stomatologist at the dental clinic of the Kagansky district. In 2013-2019 – doctor of the children’s dentist of the Bukhara regional children’s dental clinic. In 2019, with great success, she defended her scientific dissertation on the topic:”Features of complex treatment of chronic recurrent herpetic stomatitis in children using magnetic-infrared-laser radiation”. At this time, she is working on the defense of her doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Optimization of prevention and treatment of dental caries in preschool children based on a comprehensive medical-social and clinical-economic analysis.”To date, under the supervision of M. K. Kamalova, 2 candidate’s and 5 master’s theses are being prepared for defense.

      Currently, the department is headed by Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Z.K. Rakhimov,  he successfully defended his PhD thesis on the topic: “some aspects of the pathogenesis of purulent-inflammatory complications in lower jaw fractures and ways of bone regeneration”. Z. K. Rakhimov is actively engaged in a wide range of scientific, educational and social activities. Starting from December 2019, according to the order of the rector of Bukhmi A. sh. Inoyatov, he is the Dean of the faculty of dentistry. Under his leadership, 3 master’s theses were defended. Currently, he is the scientific supervisor of two independent applicants of the Department, under his supervision, 2 candidate and 3 master’s theses are being prepared for defense.

The department trains students of the III-year course of the Faculty of Dentistry on the subject “Oral Surgery”, IV-course students on the subject “Traumatology of Maxillofacial Surgery”, “Dental Implantology”, “Oral Surgery”, V-course on the subject “Maxillofacial surgery ”and“ Aesthetic facial surgery ”, as well as V-year students of the medical and medical-pedagogical faculties in the subject“   Dentistry ”. The department has 4 classrooms, one lecture hall, three televisions, two EPSON-EB-X72 computers and two printers. For each subject, on the basis of an exemplary program, educational and methodological complexes have been published in Uzbek, Russian and English. The educational process for students is carried out using modern pedagogical technologies.

Achievements of the department

About 100 scientific articles and abstracts were published in medical journals of Uzbekistan on the part of the department staff, 39 scientific articles and abstracts were published in medical journals of the CIS, 15 methodological developments were published

Grants of the department

          In the 2014 – 2015 academic year, Sharopov S.G. took the honorable 1st place in the republican competition “The most active young doctor”.

 In the 2014-2015 academic year, the assistants of the department prepared 18 students to participate in the conference of the scientific society of students, of whom 6 took pride of place.

In the 2015 – 2016 academic year in the competition “The best teacher – applicant” by the assistants of the department Kambarova Sh.A. and Pulatova Sh.K. honorary I and III places were taken, respectively.

In the 2015 – 2016 academic year, the master of the department Atavullaev M.J. took ÍÍ place at a conference in the Republic of Uzbekistan held on the topic: “Measures of implementation into practice of the achievements of modern dental implantology.” 

In 2016, the assistant of the department Khamitova F.A. from the senat was awarded the breast badge “To the 25th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan.” 

      In the 2017-2018 academic year, assistant of the department Khamitova F.A. took the honorable 2nd place in the competition “The best teacher”.        

In December 2018, the master of the department Chirgaliev M.J. took the honorable 2nd place in the Innovative Technologies competition.

In 2020, the head of the department is Kamalova M.K. won the Republican review competition “Stars of Science” in the nomination “Owner of the most innovative idea”, organized by the Committee of Uzbekistan “Scientist” and held among young women – scientists.

Scientific direction of the department

               Improvement of measures for the treatment and rehabilitation of congenital deformities and defects of the maxillofacial region, their early diagnosis and prevention;

Development of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of post-traumatic deformities of the nasomaxillary complex. One of the topical areas is the organization of surgical care on an outpatient basis, as well as the improvement of the methodological and constructive aspects of dental implantology and tooth replantation.

         Preparation of the oral cavity for prosthetics using modern surgical methods. Application of modern methods of treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases of the salivary glands.

Treatment of patients with injuries of the maxillofacial area using methods of compression and distraction osteosynthesis.        Elimination of postoperative defects in patients with burns, benign and malignant tumors using explants, implants, exo- and endoprostheses.       Treatment of patients with extensive hemangiomas of the maxillofacial area using combined methods.       Filling bone cavities with osteoplastic biocomposite materials formed after cystectomy for odontogenic cysts of the jaws.        Application of modern methods of treatment of periodontal diseases

The following monographs have been published

  1. “Purulent – inflammatory complications of fractures of the lower jaw” Rakhimov ZK; 2. “Herpetic diseases of the oral mucosa in children” Kamalova M.K. 3. “Morphometric characteristics of the head and dentition in children who were artificially and naturally fed” Yadgarova GS, Kambarova Sh.A. Methodical developments for students have been prepared: Tooth replantation; Inflammatory diseases of the maxillofacial region; Tooth extraction operation; Sterilization of dental instruments; Periodontal disease; Methods of local anesthesia in the maxillofacial area.

 The teaching staff of the Department is constantly working to improve their skills and practical experience in order to improve the educational process

Practical process of maxillofacial surgery with Jordanian students Kambarova Sh.A. in their heads.

Welding process with students of the Kursk joint faculty. Practice at the department of surgical dentistry.

The process of working with patients and protection of medical history in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of students of the Faculty of Dentistry.