Department of English

Department of English

Davlatova Muhayyo Hasanovna

Head of the Department

Staff of the department

Shadmanov Kurban Badriddinovich
Bakaev Najmiddin Bakaevich
Associate professor
Shodiev Shahobiddin Sharofiddinovich
Nematova Zebo Tursunbaevna
Tasheva Nafisa Zaynitdinovna
Djalilova Zarnigor Obidovna
Habibova Manzila Nuriddinovna
Norova Mavluda Fayzulloyevna
Ziyodillaeva Makhbuba Ermatovna
Qurbonov Sadriddin Qoraboyevich
Mirzayeva Aziza Shavkatovna

History of the department

The English language department was established on October 30, 1990 according to the order of the rector of the institute No. 4\7, and initially it started its activity on the basis of the “Languages” department. In 1991-2009, the “Languages” department was headed by Ph.D., associate professor Yozil Hamroyevich Hamroyev.

Since 1997, Ph.D., Associate Professor Hikmatova M.N. He was appointed the head of the “Uzbek, Russian languages, pedagogy and psychology” department.

In 2014, professor Shodmonov Q.B. became the head of the department. appointed. Shodmonov Q.B. received the title of associate professor in 1983, and professor in 2010. Doctor of philosophy, professor Kurban Shodmonov, member of the Philosophical Society of the Academy of Sciences of Russia and Kazakhstan, academician of the International Scientific Academy of the Ancient World.

From 2021 to the present, Ph.D. Davlatova M.H. appointed. In 2021, M.H. Davlatova received the title of Ph.D.

During the activity of the department, the following employees worked actively and effectively: professors-teachers of the department: Hakimova M.A., Aliyeva Z.A., Jabborova G.M., Hayitov Z.H., Aliyeva R.R., Rajabova D.R., S.S. Djumayeva, G’.E. Shomurodov, D.A. Abdullayeva, V.F. Nurullayev, Sh.Z.Tolipov, A.A.Khonov, G.N.Qurbonova, R.B.Gafurova, Z.S.Bakhranova, K.Yo.Bakhranova, S.S.Murodova, S.Daminov, R.M.Salikhova worked.

Yozil Hamroyevich Hamroyev PhD associate professor (1991-2009 years)

Hikmatova Muqaddas Nurullayevna PhD associate professor (1997-2014 years)

Shodmonov Qurbon Badriddinovich   Professor

(2014- 2021 years)

Davlatova Muhayyo Hasanovna PhD associate professor (2021 y- until today)

From the first day of establishment of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, attention has been paid to the process of educational practice of morphological departments and deepening of scientific work. Naturally, first of all, the chair of morphological sciences was created, in which high-class specialists from medical institutions of our republic were involved. In these departments, the classrooms were equipped with the necessary equipment and visual aids for the full educational process. These, in turn, have been updated over the years, and educational tablets, electronic boards and tables have been introduced.

Spiritual - educational works

During the academic year, the department conducts educational activities aimed at making students and young people polite and educated, developing their consciousness, and forming humane values. In order to educate students in the spirit of patriotism, to start them on the right path, to explain their civic duties, to make them know their rights, and to develop into spiritually mature people, regular conversations are held with them during classes and outside of classes. You will be informed about the news of the week in our country, abroad, and also at the institute, as well as the decisions and decrees of our president.

Professors-teachers of the department of english language

Professors and teachers of the department organized a wonderful event together with MBBS students in the student residence

On the occasion of the birthday of Mir Alisher Navoi, professors and teachers of the department organized an event at the presidential school

The staff of the department is in the new campus

Professors and teachers of the English language department are on a bicycle marathon

Educational - methodical works

Latin language and medical terminology and a foreign language in medicine for students of I and II courses of treatment, dentistry, medical pedagogy, medical biology, medical prevention, folk medicine, pediatrics at the department; treatment, dentistry, medical pedagogy, folk medicine, medical biology, medical prevention, and practical training in foreign languages ​​in medicine for the students of II, Pediatrics courses. In addition, joint educational programs opened in cooperation with other higher education institutions, general medicine, MBBS courses for foreign students, Latin language and medical terminology, and foreign language subjects in medicine are taught at the department. conducted in Uzbek, Russian, English.

Professors and teachers from the Medical University of the Kyrgyz Republic during the lesson organized in the department

Head of the English language department M.H. Davlatova participated in the international conference “ESP around the globe: teaching and research”

Professors-teachers of the department Shodmonov Q.B and Tasheva N.Z. Academic mobility at the Pavel Jozef Safarik University of Slovakia under the ERASMUS+ grant project

Professors and teachers of the department held a Master class for students at the Technical College of Public Health named after Abu Ali bin Sino, Bukhara

Scientific research works

The department has a total of 14 employees. 1 of them are professors, 3 associate professors, and 10 assistant teachers. All our teachers are conducting scientific research as part of their scientific work.

The direction of the department’s scientific-research work:

Comparative literary studies is a combination of linguistics and translation studies 

   Professor Q.B. Shodmonov participated in the Congress of Philosophers in Kazakhstan

In November 2021, professor Q.B. Shodmonov at the Congress at the Tajik State University

Teachers of the English Language Department during the lesson