Department of Information Technology in Biophysics and Medicine

Department of Information Technology in Biophysics and Medicine

Xallokhov Farkhod Karimovich

Head of Department

Staff of the department

Umarov Salim Khallokovich
Gulamov Mukhamad Isakovich
Ashurov Jasur Djo’rayevich
Associate professor
Khamroyev Rustam Rasulovich
Head teacher
Davronova Shakhlo Farmonovna
Associate professor
Temirov Sohib Amonovich
Narzullayeva Zilola Muhiddinovna
Yunusova Rano G’aybullayevna
Fayziyeva Zarifa Hikmatovna
Nizomova Shahnoza Qahramon qizi
Rakhimova Volida Karim qizi
Kamolov Jo’rabek Jalol o’g’li
Davronov Shakhbos Erkin o’g’li

History of the department

The department was founded on the basis of the order of the Rector of the Institute, Professor A.I. Muminov in 1990 on November 22, No. 71 2/2 §4.

In 1990, the department was named the Department of “Biophysics”. The department was assigned such subjects as biophysics, mathematics and computer science. The head of the department was appointed Associate Professor D. Juraev (1991). Assistants M. S. Sottikulov, S. F. Shodiev, S. Xojiyev worked at the department.

In 1994, the head of the department was appointed associate professor S. Kh. Umarov. By this time, the department was already called “Biophysics and Computer Technology”, and three disciplines were taught here – “Medical and Biological Physics”, “Computer Technology” and “Medical Equipment and New Technologies in Medicine”, and lecturers M.S. Sottigulov, S.F. Shodiev, A. Ҳayitov, assistants J.J. Ashurov, B.S. Qurbonov, F. Mustafakulov and O’.O. Khodjaev.

From 2001 to 2003, the department was headed by associate professor O.U. Sharopov, and lecturers of the Department were associate professor S.F. Shodiev. Ph.D. Safarov B.J., associate professor S. Kh. Umarov, J.J. Ashurov, B.S. Qurbonov, M. Bozorov, F. Mustafakulova.

In 2003 head of the department was appointed associate professor S.F. Shodiev. Members of the department were doctor of science S.Kh. Umarov, associate professor S.F. Shodiyev, associate professor O.U. Sharopov, J.J. Ashurov, B.S. Qurbonov, O’.O. Khodzhayev, R.R. Hamroyev.

Since 2005, the department is headed by doctor of science, Professor S. Kh. Umarov. Currently, the work at the department is carried out by professor S.Kh. Umarov, associate professor Nazhmudinov Kh.G., Nazarov M.R., Ashurov J.J., Khodzhaev O’.O., Hamroyev R.R., Kurbonov B.S., Murodova F.R., Ruziev T.R., Khalloqov F.K., Murodov Sh.N., Narzullaeva Z.M., Davronova Sh.F., Safarova R.S.

Starting from the 2021-2022 academic year, the department was named “Innovative and information technologies in medicine, biophysics”. The department is headed by Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) J.D. Ashurov in physics and mathematics. Currently, the department has Ph.D., Professor S.Kh.Umarov, Ph.D., Professor M.I.Gulamov, Ph.D. (PhD), associate professor  Sh.F. Davronova, senior teacher R.R. Hamroyev, assistants B.B. Nabiyev, S.A. Temirov,   Z.M. Narzullayeva, R.G’. Yunusova, Z.H. Fayziyeva, Sh.Q. Nizomova, V.K. Rakhimova, J.J. Kamolov, Sh.E.Davronovs have been working.                                   

Currently, the Department of “Innovative and Information technologies in medicine, biophysics” is conducting advanced research in the fields of condensed state physics, mathematics, and electronic pedagogy. During the last three years, 2 teachers of the department successfully defended their dissertations on physics-mathematics,  1 teacher on pedagogic sciences and received the degree of doctor of philosophy (PhD). In particular, Ph.D., Professor S.Kh. Umarov,  Under the leadership of the senior teacher of the department J.D. Ashurov at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the UzFA on the topic “Tensor-resistive properties of TlInSe2 monocrystals and solid solutions based on them”,   And of the department Sh.N.Murodov completed his doctoral dissertations in Spain under the supervision of M. Ladra, U.A. Rozikov on the subject of “Dynamics of Evolutionary Algebra Chains”, furthermore  Sh.F.Davronova Ph.D., under the guidance of Professor U.Sh. Begimkulov, he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Improving the use of electronic resources in ensuring the quality of education”.

Spiritual and educational work

As a result of wide-ranging reforms and creative works being implemented in our country, the way of thinking and worldview of our people is changing. In our country, the importance of the life-giving idea “From national revival to national rise” is increasing more and more in the establishment of a legal state and civil society.

In spite of the important work being carried out in this regard, a number of systemic problems remain that hinder the effectiveness of spiritual and educational reforms in the process of social, economic and political reforms.

In particular, there is no integrated system for the organization of spiritual and educational processes, insufficient organizational-practical and scientific-research work is being carried out to protect our people, especially young people, from spiritual threats. social cooperation has not been established effectively.

At the beginning of the August 2021 academic year at the Department of Innovative and Information Technologies in Medicine, Biophysics of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, the working plan for spiritual and educational work was drawn up and approved by the head of spiritual and educational work at the department. It was decided to hold a meeting with the staff of the department on the second Monday of every month on spiritual and educational affairs.

Regarding the rules of ethics and internal procedures, the professors and teachers of the department and the students participating in the lesson were separately explained and recorded in minutes.

The department responsible for spiritual-educational work and work with youth carried out analytical work on the moral-ethical environment in the higher education organization, the moral qualities of pedagogues and took control over the spiritual-educational work conducted in the department.

Professors working in the department interviewed foreign students and organized a round interview with the purpose of studying their living conditions and helping them.

The event “One particle of the huge universe” was organized by the department of innovative and information technologies in medicine and biophysics in cooperation with M.N. Narzullayev, senior lecturer of the “General Physics” department of Bukhara State University.

The event was organized in a very expectant spirit and was full of students’ enthusiasm and question-and-answer sessions.

Professors working in the department interviewed foreign students and organized a round interview with the purpose of studying their living conditions and helping them.

Professors and teachers of the department took part in providing security in the student residence to ensure students’ studies, their rest, and students’ safety. For their recreation, events were organized in the students’ residence with the participation of professors-teachers of the department and minutes were recorded.

For the purpose of further development of the internal culture, to deeply study the activities and legacy of our great ancestors, a group of professors and teachers of the Bukhara State Medical Institute and team workers organized a trip to the historical monuments of the city of Samarkand by the department of “Working with youth, spiritual and educational” affairs of the institute. A group of teachers of the department was also involved in this trip.

  Innovative in medicine and information technologies, biophysics in the department of spiritual and educational work is planned continues as in the brochure.