Department history

The department was created on the basis of the order of the first rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino No. 4/7 dated October 30, 1990, Professor AI Muminov. Toir Boymurodov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor who worked at the Samarkand Research Veterinary Institute, was appointed the head of the department.

The department began its work on September 2 from the 1991-1992 academic year in the following composition: Boymurodov T.B. – Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences – Head of the Department.

Boymurodov Toir Boimurodovich

Malikov I.R. – Candidate of Biological Sciences – Associate Professor.

Sodikov I.Sh. – Candidate of Biological Sciences – Associate Professor.

Khamroev R.O. – assistant of the department. In 1993, the head of the department was appointed senior teacher.

Odilov Ganijon Bobozhonovich, candidate of biological sciences.

In the 1994 academic year, A.N. Zulfikarov and Odilova R.Kh. joined the faculty of the department.

1993-1998 the department was headed by the candidate of biological sciences T.B. Ochilov.

Ph.D., Associate Professor Ganijon Bobozhonovich Ochilov

In 1998, Candidate of Biological Sciences A.N. Zulfikarov continued to work as the head of the department. In 2005, the department of medical biology was merged with the department of histology, the head of the department, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor R.D. Davronov was appointed. In 2013-2016. in the capacity of the head of the department “histology and medical biology” doctor of medical sciences, professor BA Khidoyatov continued to work.

D.M.N. Professor B.A. Khidoyatov

K.M.N. Associate Professor R.D. Davronov

K.B.N, associate professor A.N. Zulfikarov

K.B.N. associate professor O. I. Zhabbarova

The current composition of the department consists of the following employees: Head of the Department of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Zhabborova O.I. Associate professors of the department: Zulfikorov A.N., Mustafaeva M.I. Senior Lecturer, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences G.U. Sagdullaeva, PhD in Biology Rakhmonov R.R. Assistants of the department: Khudoikulova N.I., Zhumaeva Sh.B.