Research works

Scientific direction of the department:

 1.The role of insects of the Bukhara oasis in biology, ecology and national economy;

 2.Study of the flora of algae in water bodies of the Bukhara region, zooplankton and the use of promising species;

 3.Biology, ecology and significance of birds of prey in Bukhara.

The scientific theme of the department is approved by the team:

 1.Zhabbarova O.I. (applicant).

Scientific topic: – “Insects (Insesta: Hymenoptera).” Nurata ridge. 

2.Khudoikulova N.I. (applicant) research topic: Algoflora of saline soils of the Bukhara oasis and its application in the national economy.

3.Zhumaeva Sh.B. (applicant)

Research topic: Causes of microbiological and hydrobiological changes in the water of open reservoirs used for drinking and recreational purposes.

In recent years, the staff of the department has published 3 monographs, 1 textbook, 20 teaching aids, more than 200 scientific articles and dissertations. One international grant project is underway.

Long-term plans:

– Carrying out scientific work in order to increase the scientific potential of the department;

– Improving the quality of education by further expanding educational, scientific and technical cooperation with foreign countries and enriching the material and technical base of the department with new modern equipment and teaching and laboratory equipment:

– the establishment of international integration; 

– To prepare the winners of various Olympiads among students of the international level; 

– Carrying out business contracts in order to form the material and technical base of the department.