History of the department

         The Department of Infectious Diseases was created on the basis of the Bukhara Regional Children’s Infectious Diseases Hospital on the basis of the order of the rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino, Professor A.I. Muminov dated January 4, 1993 №1 / 03.

The head of the department was appointed candidate of medical sciences Oblokulov A.R. Together with him, the assistants of G.A. Arashova, F.F. Radjabov, clinical residents S.S. Khamdamov and I.A. Botirov. Since 1997 – assistant of the department S.G. Khudoidodova, since 1999 – assistant of the department O.B. Rakhmatov, since 2003 – assistant of the department A.A. Tukhtaev. In 2006, the assistant of the department M.R. Mirzaeva defended her dissertation. From April 1, 2005 to August 2013, the department was called: “Infectious Diseases, Phthisiology and Dermatovenereology”, and now the department is called “Infectious Diseases, Children’s Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology”.

From August 2019 to 06 January 2021 M.R. Mirzoeva carried out her activities as the acting head of this department.

Achievements of the department:

 The department staff prepared textbooks: “Yuqumli kasalliklarda hamshiralik ishi” (2007, 2014), “Yuqumli kasalliklarda hamshiralik ishi” (2018), “Nursing in infectious diseases” (2018), “Infectious diseases” (2020), “Parasitology”(2021), “Yuqumli kasalliklar va epidemiologiya” (2021), textbook: “Skin and venereal diseases” (2016), “Bacteriosis” (2016, 2021), “Viral infections” (2018), “Rickettsioses” (2021), the monograph “Viral hepatitis” (2009,2015), more than 400 scientific articles and more than 50 educational and methodological recommendations and educational and methodological developments have been published.

          During the work of the department, 1 employee defended his doctoral dissertation and 8 employees defended their candidate dissertations.

    Currently, the department employs 1 doctor of sciences, professor; 2 candidates of sciences, associate professors; 2 candidates of sciences, senior teachers and 6 assistants.

          The medical activity of the teaching staff of the department is carried out on the basis of the Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital. More than 100 clinical residents and masters have been trained at the department within the framework of the health care system.

          Currently, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor A.R. Oblokulov, Ph.D., Associate Professor M.R. Mirzaeva, Ph.D., senior lecturer G.A. Arashova, Ph.D. S.G. Khudoidodova, assistants Ph.D. I.I. Narziev, M.A. Farmonova, A.A. Oblokulov, A.A. Elmuradova, Z.D. Keldiyorova, F.Kh. Gaibullaev, M.R. Aslonova