Faculty of International students

Faculty of International students

Hasanova Dilnoza Akhrorovna

Dean of the faculty

Staff of the Faculty

Khudoyberdiyev Dilshod Karimovich
Deputy dean for Academic Affairs
Narziyeva Nilufar Atakulovna
Deputy dean for spiritual and educational affairs
Kadirova Malika Erkinovna

History of the faculty

“Neo institute of medical science and technology”

Representatives of Indian company “Neo institute of medical science and technology” visited the Bukhara state medical institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina and had discussion on cooperation. During the meeting Rector of BSMI – prof. Shukhrat Teshaev   gave information about Bukhara region and the institute.

Bukhara is not only famous in Uzbekistan but also all over the world. Bukhara city has more than 2500 years of historical events, and the history stretches back millennia. It’s also the birthplace of Abu Ali ibn Sino (Avicenna).

The Mission of BSMI is – to contribute to the health, well-being, and social stability of the population through education, research, and practical medicine.

Bukhara state medical institute was established in 1990. Now it is one of the leading higher education institutions in Uzbekistan. This Institute is named after our great ancestor and scientist Abu Ali ibn Sina. They created the scientific school in medicine. In past years the Institute has trained more than 9000 qualified medical personnel. In addition, the Institute has trained more than 2500 specialists in master’s degrees and clinical internships.

There are 8 faculties and 43 departments that educate our students. Students are educated in languages: English, Russian and Uzbek. In addition, the Institute has special conditions for foreign citizens. At this moment, students from 12 countries are studying at the Institute. Our Institute cooperation with more than 160 institutes all over the world. Almost 7000 students study at Bukhara state medical institute, 10% international students. Also, there are more than 20 joint educational programs with institutes in Russia, India, Poland, China, and others.

The New campus of the Institute was built, which has 10.5 hectares square. They are dormitory for 1200 students with all conditions for them, gym, canteen, study building, simulation center equipped with modern technology. The new clinic on the campus has 200 beds capacity.

BSMI is ready to accept students from Ukraine and newly recruited students. For this session BSMI is accepting about 1000 students and this going to be increased by next year.