Medical radiology

Medical radiology

About the course

Radiology is a medical science, which uses medical images to diagnose and treat diseases in humans and other living things. It began with radiography (hence its name, which has a root referring to radiation), but now it covers all imaging methods, including those that do not use electromagnetic radiation (for example, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging) and others. Computed tomography (CT), radioscopy and nuclear medicine, as well as positron emission tomography (PET). Interventional Radiology is the performance of typically minimally invasive medical procedures under the guidance of imaging technologies such as those listed above.

Entry Requirements

Copy of identity document (passport), original Higher education document, Copy of the international certificate confirming foreign language proficiency in accordance with the pan-European competencies (standards) of foreign language proficiency (if any), photo 3×4.

Duration of training

3 years

Credit hours

(for local students)UZS 10 488 590

(international students) $3500-5500

Education code


Among the Courses Offered
  • Strategy of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan
  • Practical foreign language
  • General Radiology
  • Research work, scientific practice (internship) and preparation of a master’s thesis
  • Modern information and communication technologies
  • Scientific and pedagogical work