Preventive Medicine, Public Health and health management

Preventive Medicine, Public Health and health management

About the course

Health care – a system of social, economic and medical measures aimed at protecting the health of the population. Health care provides for general measures aimed at preventing and treating diseases, creating healthy living and working conditions, ensuring high working capacity and longevity; its main functions to provide modern, specialized and appropriate care to patients.

Entry Requirements

Copy of the identity document (пpassport), original Higher education document, Copy of the international certificate confirming foreign language proficiency in accordance with the pan-European competencies (standards) of foreign language proficiency, photo 3×4.

Duration of training

3 years

Credit hours

(for local students)UZS 10 488 590

(international students) $3500-5500

Education code


Among the Courses Offered
  • Practical foreign language
  • Modern information and communication technologies
  • Introduction to research
  • Management concepts
  • Management accounting
  • Mathematical statistics
  • Healthcare management
  • Population health research and assessment
  • Scientific and pedagogical work
  • Research work, scientific practice (internship) and preparation of a master’s thesis