SUBJECT: Supply for the purchase of machinery for the development of virtual classrooms as part of the grant received for the project “Improvement of children care teaching as a template for upgrading medical education in Central Asia – ChildCA” – project number 598399 to be installed at Bukhara state medical institute (BSMI)


SUBJECT: Supply for the purchase of machinery for the development of virtual classrooms as part of the grant received for the project “Improvement of children care teaching as a template for upgrading medical education in Central Asia – ChildCA” – project number 598399 to be installed at Bukhara state medical institute (BSMI)

Bukhara state Medical Institute intends to proceed with the purchase of equipment for the development of distance learning center and multimedia classroom. The equipment must have the following mandatory technical characteristics:

186ʺ Interactive 4K UHD LCD Touchscreen with integrated annotation software Diagonal: at least 86″ LED
Native resolution: at least 3840 x 2160 (8.3-megapixel 4K UHD)Color support: 1.07B 10bitTouch points: Not less than 10
Interfaces, Connectors: VGA x1, HDMI x3, Mini jack x1, RJ45 (LAN) x1, Speakers 2 x 10W, 3x USB ports
Included interactive software: Yes.
Set must Include: power, HDMI, USB for Touch cables, Interactive pens
Warranty: At least 1 year
2Mini PC CPU: At least Intel Core i3 of 10th generation
RAM: Not less than 8GB DDR4
SSD: At least 256 GB
Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.
Set must include: Wired keyboard and mouse
Warranty: At least 1 year
3Video Conferencing set  Must include: HD PTZ Camera and Speakerphone, wall mount bracket, TV mount bracket
Camera:Resolution of camera: Up to (16:9) 1920 x 1080, up to 60 fps True WDR up to 120 Db
Optical Zoom: Not less than 12x (18x total zoom)
DFOV: 82°
Pan: at least ±170°
Tilt: +90 ° (Up), -30°(Down)
Video Format: MJPEG, H.264
Speakerphone: Full duplex echo cancellation microphone Bi-directional microphone 3.5mm headphone jack Speaker volume: Adjustable up to 90 dB SPL at a distance of 0.5 m. Touch controls to adjust volume – more, less, mute, take a call, make a call, hang up Connect phone line and USB port to one call Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.1, Remote Control
Warranty: At least 1 year
4Rack Server with TrueConf Server video conferencing software CPUs: Not less than 2x Intel Xeon Silver 4214 2.2G, 12C/24T, 9.6GT/s, 16.5M Cache, Turbo, HT (85W) DDR4-2400Group Manager: Enabled
Chassis: up to 16 x 2.5″ SAS/SATA Hard Drives
RAM: Not less than 128 GB (4* 32GB) RDIMM, 3200MT/s Enterprise version of Server management system
Storage: at least 2* 480GB SSD SATA Mix Use 6Gbps 512 2.5in Hot-plug AG Drives, 3 DWPD + 10* 2.4TB 10K RPM SAS 12Gbps 512e 2.5in Hot-plug Hard Drives
RAID Controller: with at least 2GB NV Cache
Management: iDRAC9, Enterprise
Power Supply: Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), at least 750W
Power cords: at least 2* C13 to C14, PDU Style, 10 AMP, 6.5 Feet (2m)
Network adapter: at least Dual Port 10GbE BASE-T & Dual Port 1GbE BASE-T
Rack mounting: Ready Rails Sliding Rails
Warranty service: ProSupport and Next Business Day Onsite Service for at least of 36 months
TrueConf Server video conferencing software specification: Perpetual license for 20 online users
Included possibilities: LDAP/Active Directory и UDP Multicast Extended technical Support for 1 yearH.323 / SIP / Skype for Business / RTSP gateway for 5 users Public web conferencing for 100 guests
5Rack UPS Power Capacity:  at least 2700 Watt / 3000 VA
Size: 2U
Networking: RS-232, USB, UPS Network Management Card
Output connectors: at least 8 x power IEC 60320 C13 ¦ 2 x power IEC 60320 C19
Output Waveform: Sinewave
Surge Suppression: Yes
Efficiency: 92%
LCD display: Yes
Warranty: At least 1 year

The supply is to be understood as including the supply of cables (HDMI, LAN, USB, power supply, etc.) and accessories necessary for the connection between devices and their power supply.

In relation to the above, we invite you to make your best offer, be sent to the Institute no later than hours 16:00 of the 2nd of December by email to the following address:

The offer cannot exceed € 36,000.00 (VAT exempt).

The price offered is intended as:

– installation, delivery of equipment;

– the appropriate on-site training for their use;

– delivery to the floor (indoor environment installation);

– Warranty period for active equipment must be at least 1 year if other is not stipulated separately in the Technical requirements;

Quotation must be in English language.

The prices must be quoted in Euro.

Price shall be quoted with no VAT included.

The supply must be completed within 120 working days from the stipulation of the contract.

The University, following the examination of the offers received, will arrange the assignment towards the economic operator that presented the offer at the lowest price.

The results of this procedure will be communicated to the operators who have submitted a bid.

It should be noted that this offer request does not in any way constitute a contractual proposal and does not bind the University that may decide not to award this procedure if it deems the submitted offers not suitable or adequate.

All servers, computers and UPS must be produced by the worldwide known manufacturer(s) included into annual reports of Gartner/ IDC. Bidders must provide a copy of the correspondent report (s).

All servers, computers and UPS must have authorized service center in Uzbekistan, which must be confirmed by the corresponding letter from Service center and/or Manufacturer.

Bidders must provide the Manufacturers’ Authorization Letters for the following Items: Server, UPS and Video conferencing server Software.

Bidder must provide technical datasheets/ catalogues/ brochures/ other documents for offered equipment.

In addition, Bidder shall provide filled and duly signed FORM 1 (General information about the participant of the competition) and copy of company registration certificate, trading license and permissions if any.

The financial offer shall include all export charges in the country(ies) of departure and accompanying costs: customs declarations, transportation to Beneficiaries, transportation within Uzbekistan, warehouse storage (until customs cleared), processing, permission documentation.

The bidder must provide the Beneficiary(ies) with full support in preparing documents which is required to guarantee successful preferential customs clearance and hold negotiations with the involved Ministries.

The Hardware shall be new, unused and complete. CONNECTION CABLES: all hardware shall be supplied with all necessary cables such as power, interface, etc. PERIPHERAL EQUIPMENT: peripheral equipment shall be provided with appropriate software and drivers to operate with the standard software.

If a Bidder does not provide all the data and documents required by the RFQ Its offer will be rejected from further evaluation.

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