Scientific seminar meeting (PhD.04/13.05.2020.Tib.93.02 )


Scientific seminar meeting (PhD.04/13.05.2020.Tib.93.02 )

At the Bukhara State Medical Institute PhD.04 / 13.05.2020.Tib.93.02 under the Scientific Council Scientific seminar meeting.

On December 28, 2021 at 14.30 the meeting of the Scientific Seminar under the Scientific Council under PhD.04 / 13.05.2020.Tib.93.02 under the Bukhara State Medical Institute will be held in online format. The following issues were included in the agenda of the scientific seminar: 14.00.01-Obstetrics and Gynecology, 14.00.13 – Candidate of Philosophy (PhD) in Neurology, independent researcher of Bukhara Medical Institute Nasritdinova Shakhnoza Ibragimovna “Neurology and The impact of coronavirus infection on pregnancy and childbirth, taking into account the prospects of depressive disorders.

The seminar will be held online in the small conference hall of Bukhara State Medical Institute.

(address: Bukhara, Navoi ave., 1)