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A group of professors from Kazakhstan visited the institute for the purpose of exchange visits

Qozog'istonlik bir guruh professorlar tashriba almashish maqsadida tashrif buyurdi 3

A group of professors from Kazakhstan visited the institute for the purpose of exchange visits

Bukhara State Medical Institute is constantly expanding international relations and cooperation in the field of education and medicine. As a result, the university cooperates with more than 10 prestigious international higher education and institutions, scientific research centers.

Yesterday, eight professors from the National University of Kazakhstan named after Al-Farabi visited the institute to conduct classes within the framework of the Academic Mobility Program. According to Markur’s plan, scientists from the neighboring country will give master classes and lectures to students, graduate students and clinical residency students for a week. They exchange experience in conducting scientific research.

At first, guests were received by the rector of the institute, professor Shuhrat Teshayev, who said that cooperation between the two universities has been carried out for many years. He noted that the expansion is manifested in the exchange of skills with teachers. During the negotiations, the representatives of the two higher educational institutions announced that a new master’s course, specialization Bacteriology and Virology was opened on the basis of the joint educational program. They announced that the admission processes in these areas will begin in August of this year. Graduates who successfully complete this program are awarded an international master’s degree.

At the meeting, he paid respect to the guests in Uzbek. Also, the guest visiting from the neighboring country highly appreciated the work being done in the new building of the institute