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A modern clinic has opened in the magnificent new campus of the Bukhara State Medical Institute


A modern clinic has opened in the magnificent new campus of the Bukhara State Medical Institute

Consistent reforms being implemented in the healthcare system of our country on the initiative of the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev are important because they serve to protect people’s lives, ensure rights and interests, strengthen the health of citizens, and serve them for a happy life. After all, there are many professions in the world, but the holders of an honorable profession, who care about human life and health, who burn with their souls to make their lives meaningful and sustainable, who show their courage and give life to others, are doctors.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that on the initiative of the head of our state, a new magnificent building of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina was built and put into operation in our region. Today, the ceremony was another strong point of this institution – a large platform for student practice, the opening ceremony of a new clinic that fully meets the requirements of the present time.

At the event, which was attended by foreign guests, representatives of the public, heads of the regional health care system, the teaching staff of the university, youth, representatives of the media, the measure
region Botir Zaripov and sincerely congratulated everyone. with a modern medical clinic.

The clinic, built in a modern style, is equipped with modern medical equipment and makes it possible to carry out high-tech treatment methods. The institution has all the conditions for the treatment of patients, the work of medical personnel, and the full training of students. At the same time, the project of this medical clinic, capable of providing care to 200 inpatients and 300 outpatients, was financed for a total of 65 billion soums, and 55 billion soums were spent on equipping the institution at the level of need.

Now the institution has the opportunity to provide qualified medical care to patients in need of high-tech medical practice in the fields of neurosurgery, traumatology, cardiac surgery, acute cerebrovascular accidents, endourology, reconstructive surgery, and interventional cardiology. This allows you to save money spent on providing world-class medical services and restoring a person’s health here, without traveling abroad or to other remote regions.

Another news is that in the future, serious steps are being taken in this clinic to carry out complex technological surgical operations, kidney, liver and heart transplants. The main goal of the clinic’s qualified doctors is to bring people closer to the residents of the Bukhara region, as well as Navoi, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya and Khorezm regions.

At the opening ceremony of a modern medical clinic, among the international partners of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, the director of the Eurasian Research Center for Health and Social Sciences of the Turkish University of Medical Sciences, Aynur Feyzioglu, professor of the Baltic Federal University, Doctor of Medical Sciences, spoke. Medical scientists Mikhail Agapovlar also spoke, who highly appreciated the material and technical capabilities of the institution with advanced technologies.

As noted, the purpose of this is to use modern information technologies related to the region in the land where the founder of medicine, the great thinker Abu Ali ibn Sina was born, as well as the widespread use of the latest achievements and capabilities of medicine. to train young specialists who will serve the development of medicine, to improve their skills, bringing medicine closer to the people and improving the quality of medical services by increasing and, if necessary, attracting experienced foreign specialists.

Those present got acquainted with the conditions created in the clinic.