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A Youth Forum was held at Bukhara State Medical Institute


A Youth Forum was held at Bukhara State Medical Institute

Yesterday, 23 June, in the building of the Youth Center in Bukhara on the initiative of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, a forum was organized in cooperation with the Regional Directorate of the agency for Youth Affairs.
It was attended by more than a thousand talented, enterprising and active students-young people who took part in the Institute.

Initially, the national anthem of our country sounded. Rector of the Institute Sh. Teshaev and vice-rector Zubayda Bakhranova sincerely congratulated the students on the upcoming June 30 Youth Day.

Within the framework of this Youth Forum with the participation of students of the institute, science, sport, professional circles were held. The final part of the forum was a creative and artistic evening. It was organized by the students on stage works, singing songs praising the motherland, creative skills of the girls in cooking and sewing, as well as competitions in chess and Checkers.
In a word, the forum will serve as a preparation for the Youth Day holiday for students.