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Bukhara State Medical Institute team at health events

Buxoro davlat tibbiyot instituti jamoasi salomatlik tadbirlarida 2

Bukhara State Medical Institute team at health events

Every Friday, early in the morning, scholars of the Sharif city gather for a pilgrimage bicycle marathon and morning physical training.
“Car-Free Day” and “For a Healthy Life” walking marathon were also held in Bukhara today. Thousands of Bukhara residents took part in the “Car Free Day” action for the sake of health.

On this day, drivers choose a healthy lifestyle without using cars and motorcycles and try to go to their planned destinations by bicycle or on foot.

On this day, if a healthy lifestyle is one goal, cleaning the air from toxic gases at least one day is another goal.
In this regard, the team led by Shuhrat Teshayev, Rector of the Bukhara State Medical Institute, took an active part in this campaign event.
It is worth noting that in these promotional activities, professors and teachers of the institute are constantly represented as health workers and promoters of healthy lifestyle and health.