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“Green Space”


“Green Space”

The national movement “Green Space” is active in the Bukhara State Medical Institute. As everyone knows, the protection of our nature and the increase of the green world have risen to the level of state policy. At the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a month of planting seedlings within the framework of the national Green Space project has started in our country.

It was hoped that these seedlings would turn green in the future and turn the territory of the institute into a “Green Zone”, purifying the air and allowing teachers and students to enjoy the green nature. Thanks to the joint efforts of the working team, many seedlings of trees and flowers were planted. We believe that such events are held in a cheerful spirit, and the labor collective shows joint enthusiasm in planting seedlings, which is the unity and active contribution of our professors and teachers to the cause of gardening and landscaping, which is appreciated by our people.Within the framework of this project, it was supposed to increase the number of green spaces, plant seedlings on the territories, organize works and activities for landscaping and landscaping.

It is planned to plant seedlings of trees and shrubs within the framework of the nationwide Green Space project and thereby increase green spaces in cities and districts from the current 8 percent to 30 percent. Within the framework of such a project, the staff of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina will contribute to the holding of the collective movement “Yashil Makon” on November 8 on the territory of the new building of the Institute.