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“Spirituality should become a new force, a new movement in our lives.” Sh.M. Mirziyoyev.

Ma’naviyat hayotimizda yangi kuch, yangi harakatga aylanishi kerak.Sh.M.Mirziyoyev1

“Spirituality should become a new force, a new movement in our lives.” Sh.M. Mirziyoyev.

On December 22 of this year, at the expanded meeting of the Republican Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment held under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the results of the reforms implemented in the fields of spirituality, enlightenment, culture, art and creativity and the tasks of setting priorities in the future are defined.

In this regard, a seminar was organized today with the participation of employees responsible for the spiritual and educational sphere of all departments, deputy heads of faculties and tutors in order to widely promote the content and essence of the priority tasks of this meeting, involving specialists of the field. done.

In this seminar, the first vice-rector for youth issues, spiritual and educational affairs Z.S. Bakhranova discussed important initiatives put forward by the President in the Council of Spirituality and Enlightenment, including the development of the national idea, women’s education and vocational training. focused on the content and essence of the work being carried out to increase attention to the occupation, launch spiritual and enlightenment centers, cultural centers, and develop the art of theater and cinema. Also, associate professor Q. Tursunov gave a lecture on the study and development of the ideas of enlightened grandfathers.