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The event on the theme “Enlightenment against ignorance” was held at the Bukhara State Medical Institute

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The event on the theme “Enlightenment against ignorance” was held at the Bukhara State Medical Institute

On October 31 of this year, at the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, Deputy governor of the region Erkin Majidov, leading specialist of the regional department of the Republican Committee on Religious Affairs, expert Kudratov Erkin, chief imam of Bukhara Avezov Otabek, rector of the Institute Shukhrat Teshaev. In the presence of the first vice-rector for Youth and Spiritual Affairs Zubaida Bahronova, a meeting was held on the topic “Enlightenment against ignorance” to familiarize with advanced ideas, proposals and initiatives of students, to solve their problems.

During the meeting, the students watched an instructive film about various threats on the Internet and ways to protect against them.

After watching the film peace and stability between the concepts of “Ignorance”, “Enlightenment”, the principle of “Enlightenment against ignorance”, the process of globalization, “mass culture”, enlightened, peaceful, only good for all mankind, detailed information was given and an exchange of views on Islam took place. In particular, the mayor of the city, Otabek Avezov, urged students to comply with the rules of information and psychological security when using open information systems, citing instructive narratives and religious narratives on this topic as an example.

Also at the event, on the basis of obvious facts, the nature of the non-Islamic activities of subversive movements and movements masking the religion of Islam was revealed. At the end of the meeting, the students’ questions were answered in detail by specialists. In it, the relationship between the state and religion, the true essence of Islam, the tragic consequences of getting into the networks of radical and extremist ideas, the importance of the idea promoted by the President “Fighting ignorance through education”, The importance of this idea is increasing every day