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The greatest wealth is intelligence, and the greatest poverty is ignorance


The greatest wealth is intelligence, and the greatest poverty is ignorance

Today at the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education was held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the Republican contest of scientific and innovative developments named “talented youth of New Uzbekistan”, which has been traditionally held since 2019 in order to attract young people to the field of science, support their initiatives, create the necessary conditions for conducting scientific research work.

15 future scientists who won in 5 directions were awarded a worthy prize by the minister Abdukodir Toshkulov and chairman of the Ulugbek Foundation Agil Salimov.

Speaking about the opportunities created for young researchers engaged in scientific activities today, speakers noted that such competitions should be the motivation for them to make progress in their scientific activities and not stop with today’s results.

First of all, I sincerely congratulate you all with today’s success! I know that we need to organize more such events and promote them to the extent that they reach every remote area of our country. It is only from the villages that we will be able to attract many young people who are passionate about knowledge to science and create the ground for the development of young scientists. After all, well – known scholars and mature scientists who witnessed history have grown from remote areas, – said the minister.

In place of information, it is worth noting that this year the competition was held in five directions: technology and technology; information technology; medicine; agriculture and water management; architecture and construction.

A total of 246 works from 51 higher education institutions were presented to the competition, 108 of which were created by independent researchers, 39 doctoral students, 71 bachelor students and 28 master students.
The documents and materials submitted to the competition were reviewed by a team of experts and evaluated on the basis of scientific novelty of the work; relevance of the field of application; availability of information on the technical and economic description; publications on the creation of the work; criteria for availability of a copy of the test-sample of the work or drawings prepared

At the end of the evaluation, 15 winners were determined for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places in each of the 5 directions mentioned above.

The winners of the competition were awarded money prizes and special diplomas personally by Minister Abdukodir Tashkulov and chairman of the Ulugbek Foundation Akil Salimov.

Each of the winners, who took 1st place in 5 places, earned 30 million sums;
Each of the winners, who took the 2nd place in 5 places, amounted to 20 million sums;
Each of the winners of the 3rd place was awarded with cash prizes of 10 million sums.