Department of faculty and hospital therapy

Department of faculty and hospital therapy

Ismatova Mehriniso Nasritdinovna


Staff of the department

Abdullaeva Umida Kurbanovna
Associate Professor
Lola Izzatiloevna Makhmudova
Associate Professor
Mukhamedzhanova Mastura Hayatovna
Amonov Muhammad Komil ogli
Ergashov Bobir Bakhodirovich
Ubaidova Dilafruz Saddikovna
Dzhumaeva Madina Fakhritdinovna
Abdullaev Ikrom Abduvalievich
Safarova Gulnoz Avazkhonovna
Kayumov Laziz Kholmurodovich
Mahmudov Ravshan Barraevich
Tukhtayev Doston Ashurovich
Olimova Gulhayo Shamsherovna
Mustafayeva Malika Rustamovna
Eshniyazova Gulmira Shonazarovna

History of the department

The department was created on the basis of the departments of therapy and gastroenterology of the Bukhara regional hospital in 1993 on August 13 on the basis of the order of the rector IA Muminov and received the name “Hospital therapy”. The head of the department was appointed a candidate medical sciences, endocrinologist A.M. Kaylakov. During this period, the department conducted training sessions on hospital therapy for students of 4-5 stages of the medical faculty.

In 1996, the research associates of the department Z. N. Khamidova and Sh.S. Isomitdinov were admitted to graduate school.

In 1998, on the basis of the order of R.M. Akhmedov, the department was created

“Internal Medicine,” which included such subjects as “Occupational Diseases”, “Traditional Medicine”, “Endocrinology”, “Physiotherapy”, VPT and “Hematology” as well as “Faculty Therapy”.

In 1999, in September, they separated from the department of “Occupational Diseases”, “Traditional Medicine”, “Physiotherapy” and the department was named “Faculty and Hospital Therapy”. In 1995-2000, the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Z.Ya. Jalolov. Since 2001, the head of the department was appointed candidate of medical sciences, associate professor K.Zh.Boltaev, taking into account the availability of subjects such as hematology, laboratory, endocrinology, the department was renamed into the Department of Faculty and Hospital Therapy, Hematology, Endocrinology. Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Boltaev K.Yu. was appointed head of the department and held this position until 2019.

In 2013, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor Khamidova was appointed to the post of head of the department.

Along with undergraduate students, the department jointly trains clinical residents in hematology, therapy, cardiology, clinical and laboratory diagnostics.

In order to form the scientific activity of the department, a number of employees of the department were educated in graduate school and defended their research work. In particular, Boltaev K.Zh. “Ferrokinetics in old age and in old age” (14.00.29-hematology), M.Sh. On the topic “The effectiveness of the drug” Tecom “in the correction of the lipid composition of the blood and the blood coagulation system in atherogenic dyslipoproteinemia” (14.00.06-cardiology), Khamidova Z.N. “The specific course of bronchial asthma, complicated by gastroduodenal pathology, and the effectiveness of complex therapy” (14.00.05 – internal diseases), Akhmedova N.Sh. She defended her thesis on “Diagnostic predictors and ways to prevent the development of chronic kidney disease” (14.00.05 – internal diseases).

In 2013, the department began training the first masters. Associate professors Boltaev K.Yu., Nosirova M.Sh., Khamidova Z.N. under their supervision, 3 masters were trained in the specialty of therapy and defended their Ph.D. theses. To date, more than 15 masters have been trained, most of whom work at the department.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, subjects in hematology and clinical laboratory diagnostics were separated and a new department was created. And the department of faculty and hospital therapy was renamed to the department of nephrology and hemodialysis, faculty and hospital therapy.

Since 2019 PhD, Associate Professor N.Sh. Akhmedova introduces activities as the head of the department. Today the department employs 4 candidates of sciences, 2 associate professors, 10 assistants.

The department is located in the Bukhara Regional Multidisciplinary Medical Center. The department conducts lectures, practical, and clinical classes for students of 3-4-5-grade faculties: “medical work” (60910200) and “medical-pedagogical” (5111000) education in the subjects “Internal diseases” and “Military field therapy”. Also, lectures, practical, clinical classes are held for students of such faculties as “Pediatrics”, “Medical Prevention”, “Biomedical Science” on the subject of “Internal Medicine”. In addition, the department trains masters in the field of therapy and clinical residents in the specialty of nephrology and hemodialysis.

Collective composition

Educational-methodological works

At the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Faculty and Hospital Therapy, experienced specialists conduct lectures, practical and clinical classes on internal medicine and military field therapy for students of the medical, medical and pedagogical, medical and biological faculties, as well as on internal medicine, nephrology and hemodialysis students of the international faculty.

On the basis of the curriculum, the department conducts classes in the sections of pulmonology, cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology and hemodialysis. Lectures are taught by experienced professionals. On the basis of the Bukhara regional multidisciplinary medical center in the departments of pulmonology, allergology, cardiology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, nephrology and hemodialysis, endovascular radiation diagnostics, radiology and functional diagnostics, practical and clinical classes are conducted.

The entire faculty is actively involved with gifted students. The department has drawn up a plan for working with gifted students, on the basis of the plan, each teacher regularly participates and takes pride of place in republican and international Olympiads.

Some examples of the success of gifted students of the department

4 textbooks have been prepared at the department in Uzbek and Russian languages, 4 electronic textbooks, 12 monographs, more than 70 teaching aids, 12 certificates of computer programs, 7 methodological recommendations, with the use of which classes are conducted.

Medical activities and spiritual and educational work

Professors of the department of faculty and hospital therapy carry out medical activities in the Bukhara regional multidisciplinary medical center, the regional cardiological dispensary. In addition, on certain days of the week, the department staff examine patients in the attached departments. On the initiative of the rector of the institute, branches of clinical departments were created in family polyclinics. In particular, since April 2021, a branch of the department has been opened in the Ibn Sino family polyclinic in the Kagan district of the Bukhara region. During the internship, students have the opportunity to improve their professional knowledge and skills by working directly with patients.

The department regularly organizes educational events for students in order to organize their free time, to form in them such a human feeling as patriotism.

In particular, round tables were held in the hostel on the topics “Environmental protection”, “Drug addiction”, “Counteracting religious extremism”, “A healthy lifestyle is a guarantee of health.” The department has clubs such as “Young therapists” and “Young cardiologists”.

Scientific direction


The composition of the scientific staff of the department

Teaching staff with a scientific degree

Teaching staff with an academic title

Basic doctoral student

Self-employed applicant

Graduate student

4 PhD

1 DSc

4 associate professor




Defending professor-teachers


Full name

Protection theme

Protection number


Akhmedova Nilufar Sharipovna

Assessment of modern approaches to early laboratory diagnosis of chronic kidney diseases of various etiologies and the effectiveness of pathogenetic treatment (DSc)



Ismatova Mehriniso Nasritdinovna

State of vascular platelet hemostasis in insulin resistance syndrome (PhD)




Abdullaeva Umida Kurbanovna

Prediction of atrophic transformation in chronic Helicobacter-associated gastritis (PhD)



Makhmudova Lola Izzatiloevna

Optimizing the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) through improved non-invasive diagnostic methods



Amonov Muhammad Komil ugli

Comparative analysis of the significance of podocyte dysfunction in the development of nephropathy in hypertensive patients with and without Covid-19


Professors and lecturers are currently working on scientific topics


Full name

Topic of current scientific work


Ismatova Mehriniso Nasritdinovna

Morphofunctional changes in the kidneys in chronic hepatitis C in patients with COVID-19 (DSc)


Abdullaeva Umida Kurbanovna

Morphological changes in ulcerative colitis (DSc)


Mukhammedzhanova Mastura Hayatovna

Ferrokinetic predictors for the diagnosis of anemia in patients with chronic hepatitis C and heart failure (PhD)


Kayumov Laziz Kholmurodovich

Specificity and diagnostic predictors of the development of chronic heart failure in acquired heart diseases (PhD)


Makhmudov Ravshan Barraevich

Modern aspects of the diagnosis and treatment of aplasia in patients with chronic viral hepatitis B (PhD)


Ergashev Bobir Bakhodirovich

Predicting and preventing the development of cardiac arrhythmias during chemotherapy in cancer patients (PhD)


Amonov Muhammad Komilovich

Comparative analysis of the significance of podocyte dysfunction in the development of nephropathy in patients with hypertension with and without COVID-19 and approaches to modern treatment of dysfunction (Doctor of Science)


Safarova Gulnoz Avazkhonovna

Study of renal dysfunction in “conditionally healthy” people at different stages of COVID-19 (PhD)

Scientific products of the teaching staff of the department


Methodical recommendation



Foreign VAK

High IF journals

Uzbek VAK







Academic mobility

Academic mobility of professors, teachers, masters and residents of the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Faculty and Hospital Therapy of the Republic and prestigious foreign educational institutions

Hamdamov Ikhtiyor, a graduate student in hematology, won a grant from JICA in 2020 to admit to Tokyo University of Medicine and Dentistry. He currently studies at the university with professors and specialists from the University of the World Health Organization, World Health organization, Harvard university, John Hopkins university, Oklahoma university in the field of early detection and treatment of noncommunicable diseases.

From 11 to 25 October 2021, associate professor of the department Ismatova M.N. and senior assistant Abdullaeva U.K. passed academic mobility at the National University of the Republic of Kazakhstan named after Al-Farabi. During academic mobility, associate professor M.N. Ismatova and senior assistant U.K. Abdullaeva took part in the conference “Mental Health and COVID-19”.

From 18 to 22 November 2021, Professor of the Turkish University Sog’lik bilimlari Ali Ozdemir delivered lectures and master classes to students on the project of academic mobility.

In order to strengthen the material and technical base of the institute, familiarize with the base and exchange experience of one of the leading foreign educational institutions, Akhmedova N.Sh. visited the Koch University in Turkey. There, the employees were familiarized with the teaching methods, material and technical base and foreign teaching methods used to consolidate their practical knowledge in the field of hematology, clinical laboratory and internal medicine, and their implementation at the institute was planned.

Academic mobility of masters of the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Faculty and Hospital Therapy of the Bukhara State Medical Institute within the framework of the European Union project ERASMUS + IHOD

Giesova Nigora Odilzhonovna, a master’s student in therapy of the Department of Nephrology and Hemodialysis, Faculty and Hospital Therapy of the Bukhara State Medical Institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino, took part in the mobility. Academic mobility was carried out at University College Dublin. Students from Kazan, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Hanoi, Vietnam, Tashkent and Bukhara regions of Uzbekistan took part in the mobilization. Heard reports from experts on the following topics:

  1. Health Policy, Quality and Health Economics
  2. Global Health and Health Informatics
  3. Advanced Research Methods
  4. Bio-Statistics in Public Health
  5. Epidemiology of Chronic Disease
  6. Chronic disease Case Managment
  7. Leadership and Management Strategies
  8. Person-Centered Care
  9. Health Education and Promotion
  10. Practice Application
  11. Research Project – Applied to Practice

During the training, the students were divided into small groups, and each group talked about the topics that were passed on to them at the end of the course. Students who successfully completed the course were awarded a project certificate.

The department and the Afshan Medical College, located in the Peshkun region, have established cooperation in the field of educational and methodological work. Lectures and master classes on cooperation are held.


Textbooks published by the department

Study guides published by the teaching staff of the department