Scientific research

The scientific direction of the department is the study of the microbiological properties of opportunistic microorganisms. The staff of the department also conducts research in the field of medicine and biological sciences, in particular:

Ergashev V.A. for the degree DSc «The subject of doctoral dissertation: Modem approaches to the immunological and microbiological aspects of the development of acute and chronic osteomyelitis in experimental studies»

Nazarov Sultan Erkinovich for the degree PhD «Scientific substantiation of the importance of microbiological, hydrobiological and parasitological indicators for assessing the quality of water in open water bodies, depending on their use»

Mustafoeva F.A. for the degree PhD «Differentiated approach to assessing the immune status in inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs in women»

Olimova N.I. for the degree PhD «Clinical and immunological features of inflammatory diseases of the genitals in HIV-infected women»