Educational and methodical work

Educational and methodical work

          New educational technologies in the teaching of histology, cytology and embryology at the department include educational multimedia, Internet messages, distance learning, etc.) and interactive methods (“Round table”, “Brainstorming”, “Pen on the table” , Tour around the gallery, etc.). Over the past period, the staff of the department has prepared 8 textbooks, 3 monographs, more than 200 multimedia, 30 teaching aids, more than 30 methodological complexes, guidelines and more than 100 scientific articles. .

       In addition to Uzbek and Russian, English is also taught in the department of histology, cytology and embryology. Textbooks and multimedia are used in English.

 The head of the department, associate professor RD Davronov gave lectures and master classes on academic mobility on December 6-11, 2021 at the University of South Kazakhstan named after M. Auezov under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Several textbooks and monographs have been published during the 2019-2020 academic year:

  1. R.D.Davronov, J.A.Porsoev, B.S.Shokirov, O.I.Jabborova, N.I.Khudoukulova. Blood System Morphology Textbook. Buxoro 2019 y.
  2. B.B.Hasanov. “Test set” Textbook. Bukhara 2020 y.
  3. R.D.Davronov, B.B.Hasanov, B.S.Shokirov, Sh.R.Davronova, Y.S.Xalimova. “Morphology of the digestive system.” Textbook. Durdona Publishing House Bukhara – 2021
  4. R.D.Davronov. «Morpho – functional features of adaptive changes in central and peripheral organs of the immune system in antigenic action» Monograph Bukhara – 2020