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To the member of the One-time Scientific Council DSc/PhD.04/30.04.2022.Tib.93.01  awarding scientific degrees at the Bukhara State Medical Institute


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The next meeting of the One-timeScientific Council DSc/PhD.04/30.04.2022.Tib.93.01  will be held on march 14, 2024 at 12:30 in the small conference hall on the 3rd floor of the Simulyation center of the Bukhara State Medical Institute.


The official defense of the dissertation of Aliqulova Dilrabo for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the specialty 14.00.23- Nursing organization on the topic “Optimizing the role of nurses in providing preventive care to patients with bronchial asthma”.

Abstract – download

Scientific supervisor: PhD, docent Salixodjaeva Rixsi Kamilovna

Identifikator : 948 9560 8253

Password : 12345

Deputy Chairman of the One-time scientific  Council

DSc/PhD.04/30.04.2022.Tib.93.01                              A.Sh. Inoyatov

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